Who Am I

J. Chavae (pronounced "jay shuh-vay") is my given name. First initial, middle name, that is. Those closest to me know me simply as Jaz. I am an eclectic creative without limits. My only fear is living a purposeless life, so I am almost always doing something, although I absolutely believe in allowing myself to BE.

My passion (s) and life work revolve around wellness, mental health awareness (especially in the Black community), and practices of self-love. Empathy, clairsentience, and clairvoyance are my superpowers. I follow Spirit & I have never been led astray.

Through the various learned, yet innately assigned roles that I have been assigned (author, wellness facilitator, mirror), and through the transparency offered throughout the process of life, the goal is to help provide tools and spaces for people to heal. My soul purpose is to share the findings I come across along this journey called life and to help humans heal. Everything that I offer is based on personal experience because I find that most effective. More weight can be put behind, “I know exactly how you feel, I was there” than, “I read this in a book or someone told me…” It brings me great joy to help people heal because when those I help heal, they go on to help others heal, therefore by me healing, I heal the world.

Every day I grow, every day I change, every day I evolve, so thank you for joining me on this wild journey.

Thank you for following your Spirit here.

Thank you for trusting me.

Thank you for trusting yourself.

It is an honor to share this space with you.