Who Am I

J. Chavae (pronounced "jay shuh-vay") is my given name. First initial, middle name, that is. Those closest to me know me simply as Jaz. I am an eclectic creative without limits. That is who I am, regardless of the shell or roles that I play during this life. I am being of love, above all things. I share my truth and my light wherever I go. This space was originally created to freely share my very existence in a raw form. I had hopes to simply share my discoveries along my life's journey to help as many people as I could...but then growth happened.

My passion (s) and life work revolve around wellness, mental health awareness (especially in the Black community), and practices of self-love. My empathy, allows me to feel on a deeper level than most. This super power allows me to literally see, feel, and understand from perspectives other than my own truth.

Through the various learned, yet innately assigned roles that I have been assigned (doula, author, wellness leader, Ayurvedic Health Coach, and founder of We Heal Too) and through my transparency, my hopes are to inspire you in some form or fashion, be the "cleansing fire" that I have been called, and serve as a mirror in order to help you remember your best self, help you remember Who You Are.

I follow Spirit & I have never been led astray. Thank you for following your Spirit here. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for trusting yourself.

Who loves you? I do...and you should too.