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Healing the Bond | Trauma With Your Mama ** DIGITAL Workbook ONLY**

Healing the Bond | Trauma With Your Mama ** DIGITAL Workbook ONLY**



Healing the Bond | Trauma with Your Mama is a course designed for the women with #MamaIssues who are tired of feeling the way they do & are ready for positive change. This is for the women that do not want to hate, resent or hold grudges against their mothers. This is for the women ready to heal from a major thorn in their side. This is for women who want to repair the relationship with their mother, but don't know where to start. This is for women who are aware of and are taking steps towards breaking generational patterns and "curses". This is for women who are ready to do the work & dig deep. This is for women who are ready to drop the load & heal. This is for women who are ready to free themselves as well as their mamas.

The Healing the Bond | Trauma with Your Mama is a six step workbook that helps you heal the bond and break the cycles in the relationships that you have with your mother. In each section, you will go deeper and deeper, uncovering what you may have buried, in order to have fertile grounds to free up your emotions & GROW from the fruits of your labor.

Part 1 | Unearth + Uproot: You start by asking yourself the tough questions and getting to where the good stuff is, underneath all of the pain, trauma, and attempts to cover it up.

Part 2 | Prepare the Seed: This is the inner child work. Because of the nature of the issue at hand (a compromised, damaged, &/or broken mother/daughter relationship), the inner child must be nurtured. You will be journeying back to your child state in order to get answers and gain insight. You will nurture, love, and listen to that child.

Part 3 | Hands in the Soil: Hello shadow work! Here I will help you dive into the depths and darkness of your inner most being and even your family. You will address the parts that you often don’t even want to talk about or the parts that you may tend to hide or bury.

Part 4 | (re)Plant: How you view your mother will be examined and you will work towards truly seeing her. You will use our own memories and inner knowing to bring that information forward. If you can see her, you can see yourself.

Part 5 | Nourish & Grow: In this section everything will be brought to the here and now. Your hearts will be open after all of the internal work. You will discover and create pathways to acceptance. Now that you have a better view of your mother as whole, as a human, as a woman, you will figure out how to start to making amends with the past and set yourself up to intentionally better your bond/relationship with your mother internally.

Part 6 | Harvest: Now that the internal work is done, you will turn outwards and make efforts to reshape the relationship with your mother, or at least come to acceptance of where you are and where she is. If possible, you will take steps towards reconnecting the bond. You create healthy boundaries. We reap the fruits of our labor. If nothing else, you will embark on the pathway to peace, wherever your relationship is or however your relationship turns out. 

Dive into this 90+ page workbook to explore the depths of the relationship between you and your mother. It is designed to allow us to understand the nature of the relationship with our mother, why it is the way it is, when the bond was broken, & how we can go about repairing the bond or at least making peace in accepting where the relationship is.

Whether or not your mother wants to be active in this process, this workbook will help you unpack & heal regardless of her presence. What matters is that YOU change, that is the only thing you can control.

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