Birth Doula

Birth Doula


Birth Doula Services Include:

-Initial consultation

-Help writing up your birth plan

-111 page information packet

-Two in-person 1-1.5 hour prenatal visits which include emotional support, going over eating habits, checking on mental/physical/emotional health, and supported light stretching to open up those hips!

-Hand & foot rub with natural pregnancy-safe oils (during one of my visits)

-Herbal tea blend to nourish your womb

-Help tracking your meal and drink intake

-Full hands-on labor support during labor from the time I am called until the baby is born

-1 postpartum visit. This is to ensure that you are recovering well physically, mentally, and emotionally after your birth. I can help you cook, hold the baby while you shower, or simply hold space for you to talk about your birth experience and the transition into motherhood!

-24/7 email, phone, text support (within reason, of course)

**Payment plans are available based on the mother’s situation

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