Ayurvedic Health Coach

Ayurvedic Health Coach


Allow me to help you live your best life by providing tools to help you understand yourself better & be able to bring yourself back to balance when life throws you off.

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I have mulled over how I can better serve my people and help them heal themselves more. My overall goal is to help as many people as I can become more balanced and live with more harmony in their lives. Being an Ayurvedic Health Coach, I individually look at each client, their lifestyle, eating habits, environment, etc to see where the imbalances lie & assist them with coming up with a plan to come back to balance.

Ayurvedic Health Coach Service Includes:

-Therapeutic Plan (lifestyle changes, dietary changes, exercise, etc to help improve your life and restore balance)

-90 minute primary call/FaceTime/Skype in depth consultation and explanation of your qualities, doshas, therapeutic plan, & findings from intake form.

-Herbal Dos, Donts, and recommendations

-Dietary Dos, Donts, and recommendations

-Weekly check-ins

-Continuous support and accountability throughout.

-Follow up call after one month to discuss changes and improvements