Living Spiritually

Our Stay at the Getaway (tiny) House


I didn’t realize that I needed to get away until I got away with Getaway haha!

I realized that I hadn’t been able to really ground myself this whole year. Our friends over at Brownkids connected us with the folks over at Getaway and I was more than excited to work with this amazing company! We were offered a two night stay at the Suches, GA outpost.

It took us about 2.5 hours to get there from where we are living, but once we got out of the city, it was a really beautiful drive. As we got closer to the mountains, we could already feel the shift in energy. The drive up the mountain was curvy and winding, but it really forced me to go really slow, like 20mph (I should have seen that as a foreshadowing).

When we arrived we absolutely fell in love with the outpost. There is something so beautiful and dramatic about black wood in the midst of nature. Once we walked inside, that’s when the magic happened! This tiny cabin was PERFECT! It literally had everything we needed (well, except washcloths, you have to bring your own!). My partner even fell in love with the tiny house idea because everything had its place and we both don’t require much.

We had unpacked all of the food we brought food because the closest food source, aka Walmart, was 40 minutes away, plus we didn’t want a reason to leave the outpost. After that, we ate dinner and then I took a nap. The bed was so comfortable! It started to rain as I was falling asleep and that was the perfect lullaby.

I woke up several hours later and my partner and I explored the Getaway Guide to a glass of wine. It has a list of things you can do while on your stay (because there is no wifi). We asked each other questions and it honestly got to be a really (positively) emotional conversation. Aaron got even more emotional when he read the poem Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. It wasn’t even 12 hours in the cabin and we were having life-changing moments. After wiping our tears and embracing each other for a while, we hopped in the bed and played cards (which was already in the cabin).

The next morning, we woke up (I don’t know what time we woke up) and went on a nature walk. They have a designated trail that’s more like a hike than a walk (your heart rate will increase). It was beautiful and so quiet. We took a few pictures while we were up there. I’m not sure what time we got back or how long we were up there, we just took our time. When we hiked back down, we walked around the outpost for a little while before retreating back to our cabin. The Boo made brunch and we sat down and ate. I read for a bit, took a nap again and when we woke up, we took some pictures and cuddled.

It started raining again and that is literally music to our ears! We just stared out the window for however long. We decided to make stores indoors because it was still raining outside and I haven’t made smores in over 10 years. My first attempt was horrible, but I got it the second time! By the time we had cleaned up the kitchen area, it had stopped raining. We sat on the bed and stared outside.

We then decided to start a fire in the fire pit. It took a while for it to get going and for it to stay lit because the wood was a bit damp (you could see little water bubbles boiling out of the wood). We figured it was because it had rained two days in a row and it was extremely humid outside. Even though we didn't get a huge fire going, the fire that we did manage was so warm and pleasing. After we put out the fire, we went inside and chilled out.

The next morning was bitter, no sweet. We did NOT want to leave! We made and ate breakfast then started packing up. We reluctantly headed back “home” and stopped along the way to catch an amazing view!

I will say that we probably should have found an airbnb in the outskirts of Atlanta or went to a park because going directly into the city right after being in the mountains was extremely overwhelming. By the second day back, an extreme sadness (and anger) came over me. It was like we were in heaven for a couple of days, with our own energy, in quiet nature, and and then we were shot straight into chaos.

All in all, this opportunity to unplug fed our souls and honestly, we need to do it more often. We could hear our thoughts, we could feel each other’s energy, we could be at peace, we could do nothing…all the ingredients for a spiritual reset. Honesty, we needed a few more days!

I’ve added a few photos below of our trip and you can also watch our vlog on youtube here!

Ps. Our friends at Getaway have blessed you all with $25 off of your stay when you use the code: JCHAVAE25