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Creating for 100 Days: DAY 6 | self-value |

Almost a week in and I can feel a spark where it was once silence and darkness.

Over the past few days, I have been receiving many signs that I have been severely undervaluing and therefore underselling myself and my services. It is a tough pill to swallow, but at least I now know and feel this wholeheartedly.

For years, I have been worried about “looking greedy” and making sure that everyone had access to everything. Doing this caused me to not charge my full worth even though what I was offering was life changing. Just about every person that I have ever worked with individually or in a group setting has made a comment on how impactful I was or how important/valuable what I brought to the table was. Looking back, I realized that attributes as simple as my time, energy, love, attention could make things flourish.

I was alway worried about the welfare of those around me. I was constantly pouring into other people and I almost always forgot about myself. I was pouring from barely filled cups and I suffered every time. I LOVE to help people and when I did that blindly, I was usually left burned out and depleted.

When I tell you, there is this feeling in my chest, even as I write this, it is telling me to ask for what I want and need. I realize that I have to make sure that I am okay and that I must pour into others with MY OVERFLOW. I can absolutely still help others and share with my fellow humans, but I must be secure and stable. Once all of that is good, I can do whatever I want with the surplus. I can give it away for free if I want to.

I have been working on a few ideas that spirit has given me and I honestly cannot wait to share with you what they are, BUT I promised myself that I will not rush into anything just to do it. I want to make sure that they are fully ready. All I am saying is save your coins because what I have cooking is LITERALLY life-changing.

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