Living Spiritually

Creating for 100 Days: DAY 1

I have been feeling very uninspired and unmotivated lately and these feelings accompany the very frustrating depression.

I told myself that something has to give, so I am going to *gently yet persistently persuade myself to take a photo and write a blog post EVERY DAY. Even if its a few words and a picture that I hate, I have to produce something.


So here is day 1.

I am feeling much better than yesterday. Yesterday was quite sucky, emotionally.

Today’s “word of the day” word is: “ITINERANT”, an adjective meaning “traveling from place to place.”

This word is quite fitting as I feel like I am an itinerant woman, an itinerant spirit. The more time I spend on this earth, the more I feel like I need to ground and set roots, but I have no idea where to do that or even how to do that, if I am speaking honestly.

Home is still a word that I don’t fully understand the meaning of. The only time I have felt “home” was in the arms of my partner. I don’t really feel “home” in my body, sad to say. That is all I have for today.

I hope whoever reads this knows that someone in this world loves them.


J. Chavae