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Product Review || Infinity Jars


Infinity Jars sent me a few jars and bottles a few months ago. It took me a while to get this review up for a few reasons, but needless to say, this company gets a stamp of approval in my book. I am not new to the glass container world, I have worked with plenty glass containers (bottles & jars) when making tinctures and such. I found these particularly interesting because of their claims to keep perishable items fresher for months due to the jars being so dark that ultraviolet light cannot penetrate the contents, which would cause decay. Actually, they say that their jars are light proof! Another claim they had was that their jars can preserve dried goods for 2-6 months longer than traditional glass and amber bottles! All in all, the jars and containers are pretty cool.

When I first got the jars, I held the largest one up to the window and low and behold, I could barely see out the thing, at all. To me, besides the difference in color, the jar seemed to be heavier, which is a good thing, because it seemed more sturdy than normal jars (maybe that is just me?). I got more cosmetic jars than food goods jars. In retrospect I probably should have chosen containers for food stuff, but I was in such a tizzy with life overall.

I admit, I performed an unintentional experiment with one of the large bottles. I had made some peppermint tea when I first got the jars. My boyfriend somehow got his hand on the bottle (because he likes things extra tidy) & managed to put the jar on top of the cabinets. Sure, I had seen it up there, but I assumed that it was cleaned and emptied since it was up there (I am too short to reach anything on top of the cabinets, that is not my jurisdiction). I took the bottle down to take some photos of the product & I hear sloosh-sloosh....there was liquid in the bottle & I was sure that I was going to have some rotten tea (because heat rises and its been sitting there for, like, 3 months). One mind said, "Why in the hell would this man put this bottle up here knowing that it was filled with something??????" My other mind said, "Well, we can put their claims to the test and see if this tea is spoiled or not!" I poured the tea out and it smelled I just set it yesterday. I wasn't bold enough to taste is, but I was thoroughly impressed!

The only down side to say about these products is that you can't see how much product/liquid you have left in the container, especially on the bottles with small necks. You think you have a lot left, but you only have a little & vice versa. If you are that person that measures every little thing and writes it all down, then skip this part of the review. But if you're like me, it is a surprise every time I use a bottle (the screw top jars are perfect, you can see right into them). If you happen to buy multiple Infinity Jars, I would say to definitely label everything and write down what was used until the product in the jar runs out. **This does not taint the overall quality, durability, and effectiveness of the product, but it is something that I have noticed.


I would also say that these jars are great for storageĀ (maybe in an apothecary). I personally love to see what is in a jar/container (as it adds to the visual appeal) when buying and selling products. I also love to see in my jars in regards to how much herb/liquid I have when making products for others. As I said before you cannot see what is in the bottles. If you are looking to sell your homemade goods I would say to use a lighter colored or clear jar/bottle, but if you buy/make things in bulk & need a container that will preserve freshness or if whatever you make/use needs to be somewhere dark & cool, definitely invest in these jars!

I will say that as I dive more into herbalism, I will definitely be investing in a few large jars to safe keep the herbs that I am using in order to preserve their freshness. I would suggest that those who are heavy into making their own products &/or who have to store ingredients and products for an extended period of time should look into Infinity Jars. Their prices are pretty reasonable for the quality that they provide....overall yes to Infinity Jars!