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Book Review || The Power of Now


First of all let me say apologies for the UBER delay in posting this review. So much has been happening, I actually forgot to write this up. This was SUCH an amazing book. Eckhart Tolle is probably one of my favorite authors. This book was another on of those reads that had me having  "AHA!" moments after "AHA!" moments. What Tolle said just made so much sense, to me at least.

This book is set up in a "Question & Answer" format where Tolle has questions that he has been asked before and he simply answers them in a very direct and simple way. Some of the questions seemed to come from people who were not that far along their spiritual journey, but the way in which Eckhart replies will have anyone, whether just starting on the path of spirituality or someone who has been well on their journey, understand the message that he is trying to convey.

Another thing that I loved about this book is that I stopped and meditated on what was written quite often. There are symbols placed in the book that are meant for intentional contemplation and meditation, but I found myself pausing at random times while reading. Mid sentence or mid paragraph, I would just stop because the words that I just read caused me to shift my perspective in a more open, godly way.

There are so many messages in this book, so many gems, so many take-aways...truthfully. I felt like every other day I was sending a picture of the book to my lover in a "MIND BLOWN" kind of way, wither because we had just discussed what was written or it was something that was like, "OH MY GOODNESS! That makes sense, why didn't we think about that before?!?!?!"

So of course, I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in furthering and strengthening their spirituality or anyone who wants to get closer to Who They REALLY Are. Even if you already know Who You Are, reading these words will really have you introspecting and shifting your thought patterns.

As with most of the books that I read, I integrate the knowledge that I have read into my every day life. My partner and I have been really good at keeping each other in the NOW whenever ego or fear starts to rise above spirit, or at least attempt to do so. We shift our focus back into the NOW & regain our consciousness. This book's subtitle is "A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" & this may ring true for most that read it, but for my partner and I, it was more of a reminder of who we are and what we need to be doing every day. "Enlightenment" is a practice, something that you have to keep up with and put energy into every day.

You already know that this book is a definite suggestion for anyone on their journey, anywhere on their journey. Any and everyone will find SOMETHING that they can resonate with and use in their life.

Tolle has definitely won me over with this one, I am sure he will do the same for you!