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Product Review || Lone Natural Bodycare


  I have not been using antiperspirants for years. Although I am a heavy sweater, I would much rather soak through some clothes than put chemicals on my body to block my sweat ducts. Lone came into my life when I was super funky. I was using Dessert Essence (and another deodorant that I can't even remember right now) but nothing was cutting it. I was at work, dripping in stress sweat (which is THE worst) & I was super stinky!

I put it out there on IG that I needed some brands that I could trust, being super natural & all, & Lone came swooping in like a light in shining armor!

I am an extreme skeptic, but I will ALWAYS try something first before casting it away...luckily, I didn't have to do this with Lone Deodorant!

In my package came 3 deodorants and 2 lip balms. Each deodorant was completely different from the other so I got a pretty good variety. The three scents I got was "unscented", "citrus", & "mint" in the BOLD collection. First of all, you can totally smell the essential oils in the scented deodorants, which is a good thing. They all smelled natural. The mint deodorant smells like straight up peppermint oil. The lip balms also smelled press juicy!


I tried citrus deodorant on first and that literally lasted me ALL day, even at work. I didn't need to reapply once. The citrus scent did wear off (as does natural oils), but I did not smell the funk afterwards. Low key, I was extremely happy because if you are in the natural world, you know how taxing it is to find good deodorant that actually works! After a few days, I switched to the unscented deodorant and it also performed well under pressure. I tried the Bold mint last just because it looked more serious and I feel like that is what you break out when you know you are about to be battle dancing out in 100 degree weather to save you life. The mint deodorant definitely passed the test!

I will say that these deodorants are on the creamy side, so if your used to something more solid, do not be caught off guard. (I only say this because when natural folks are out here reviewing things, they don't warn you about the little things & that can turn people aware because they weren't prepared for the texture). The mint scent in the BOLD collection is the creamiest out of them all, but probably the most effective. I will also say that a little goes a really long way. You do not have to apply with a heavy hand as you would with a "regular" deodorant. I usually just dab the deodorant underway arms until there is an even coat and if I can, I wait a minute or two before putting on my shirt. Needless to say, I've barely turned the knob on the bottom and I still have a long way to go before I have to re-up on my supply!

A few more good news about this brand:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 4.31.39 PM.png

Although I use the lip balms less than I use the deodorant, they still work wonderfully & they don't leave my lips crustier than before I applied it. My favorite is the Honey Vanilla because who doesn't love their lips smelling sweet! Lone body is definitely a GO in my book. I will be supporting them as soon as my deodorant stash runs dry!

*super side note, I LOVE their labeling...y'all know me and presentation!


Get yours at lonedeoderant.com.