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Dear All Lives Matter

Please before I go ALL the way in, let me state that this post is not directed at my lovely friends and followers who happen to be white and understand REAL history, know what racism is, want to help stop oppression, do not agree with white supremacy, and/or can sympathize/empathize with the plight(s) of people of color in this day and age. Also, let me disclaim that "I don't see color" and "we are all one race, the human race" doesn't apply here because in the real word, I am judged FIRST based off of my skin complexion and my afro hair. Also, if you "don't see color" you also don't see "my problems" there by deeming me inadvertently crazy or reducing my experience to an overactive imagination.

As we proceed to give you what you need.

Dear "all lives matter" let me break it down for you a little bit. I understand that a person born of a certain social construct and skin complexion are taught certain things from birth. You are taught that you inherently have access to everything, every thing is within reach to you at all times, and that everything is expendable/replaceable. (Still not fully comprehending how in the range of "everything I should be included in" even covers oppression.........................) I get it. I get it (sorta kinda). But I am not here to cater to anyones egos nor am I here to play into anyones dramas. I am here to help you.....this may hurt a bit. So get your Neosporin, band-aids, and kisses ready.

"All lives matter" was created by racist people who want to feel included...yes even in a movement created around oppression. Have a problem with racists white people who support & uphold structure of white supremacy. All lives didn't matter to you when people are starving in third world countries. All lives didn't matter when animals are being poached, tortured, and eaten. All lives didn't matter in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan (only Paris because Paris has white people). All lives didn't matter when the Amazon was being torn down at ridiculously fast rates because trees have feelings & its f-ing up the ecosystem. All lives didn't matter as people were dying over blood diamonds, oil, and cacao that makes your beloved nestle chocolate OR even the farmers in Ethiopia that get damn near nothing to reap coffee harvests for you oh so loved Starbucks (who totally swiped their logo from a Yoruba Ifa goddess Yemaya...but we shall go there another day). Needless to say "all lives matter" didn't matter until we said Black Lives Matter. Then y'all changed your "all lives matter" to "blue lives matter"....but I thought all lives mattered.....? Do you see how you got a sista looking at you like wheeeeeeet? So the operative word that irritated you in the first place was "BLACK"....got it.

I understand that living things do not kill something they do not fear. So for some reason, besides racist power hungry officers being subconsciously afraid of the communities they police, "all lives matter" attempted to "kill" Black Lives Matter by doing their damnedest to overshadow them, ridicule them, & even went as far as asking the White House to make BLM a domestic terrorist group (no seriously....who does that. All the while "all lives matter" still won't recognize the KKK as a domestic terrorist group who actually DOES have a history of domestically terrorizing....*look at my eyes...roll em*)

Clearly there are bad apples in every bunch, there is no one group of people that has all "good" within their lines. There needs to be "bad" or there to be "good", but seriously "all lives matter"....you don't own one mirror? You cant see how over HISTORY (again, real history not the cockamamy BS they force feed you in the American school system) people of color have been the ones receiving the short end of the stick? How colonization and exploitation did not benefit anyone but the INVADERS? THAT THE WORLD IS RUN BY CRY BABY SCARDY CAT WHITE SUPREMACIST RACISTS?????

So at this point I'm sure someone is getting angry & saying "Jaz is racist! While we are on that subject, I'm also going to need "all lives matter" to stop calling black people (and other people of color) racist in America, THAT DOES NOT EXIST. We have NO power in this county to oppress you. We cannot set up shirty laws to make you life hell. The only people who call people of color racists...are people who have NO idea what racism is. My people didn't steal your people, force them to do your dirty work to build a nation, & systematically oppress them, kill them, jail them, plant drugs & disease, & break up family after we freed them. My people cannot instill laws to purposely keep you down on the economic scale. I cannot systematically disease and weaken your people, secretly scientifically test on them, and even send your children straight from middle/high school to prison. We don't have the power to break you down mentally so far as to make you feel as though you are inferior and that we are superior from the earliest age of comprehension. We cannot do any of that, THEREFORE WE (people of color) CANNOT BE RACIST! Period.

Insert pics from 60s. We call you Becky & express our feelings as to why you're with Tyrone (*most (not all) of y'all fetishize black men, women and their body parts. Most (no all) of you care NOT about real issues such as BLM) & you call us racist. You don't get to use that word because your feelings are hurt. In America, A BLACK PERSON CANNOT BE RACIST. We (and people of color) can be prejudice. We can discriminate. BUT WE CANNOT BE RACIST. We cannot systematically fuck up a whole other race's life & make them feel like less than a human. Have several seats and come again.

Allow me to show you the carfax breakdown of what racism REALLY is.

reagonomics1 atv-mass-incarceration gentrification-620x350 14d24bffc23edae319037c72a024ea38 SlaveSale Negroes images-4 hqdefault 1391729860000-BHM-Southern-1 6931800_orig Clifford Vaughs, another SNCC photographer 59b78d635a1f8de0c6ac943cc379f340 fc3922ed0a61021f43c0766ed9f8ffb4 Little_Rock_integration_protest-P c744f002-98e3-4581-b8da-7a413280c4a1 images-3 images-2 Screen shot 2010-03-17 at 9.17.17 PM m-3767 620-freedom-summer-1964-civil-rights-signs.imgcache.rev1403113568564.web_ keepourschoolwhite-1 kkk-rally Duluth-lynching-postcard

A sign in Jackson, Mississippi which reads 'Waiting Room For Colored Only by order Police Dept.', 25th May 1961. (Photo by William Lovelace/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


If you STILL don't get it after reading this and seeing these pictures, then poof be gone because you don't want to get it therefore you will never get it. Go read up on & watch some Jane Elliot videos & look up American history. The real American history that involves plenty of bloodshed & violence (because you all seem to forget that you didn't become a free nation through peaceful negotiations and then want to bring up Martin Luther King Jr when Black folks get angry). *I'm not sure how far my eyes can roll back, but they're pretty far right now* & while you're at it digging through Encyclopedia Britanica online, make sure you grab the edition that involves black people & doesn't make slavery seem like a vacation.

You all somehow cannot grasp the fact that 50 years later, all we are asking for are basic human rights...you know, the same rights you have. The same rights for proper education, the right to live in good areas, the rights to have solid work/pay, the right to live in an environment that isn't laden with drugs & violence that the government scammed, the RIGHT TO LIVE & NOT BE AFRAID TO DIE BY THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE YOURE SUPPOSED TO CALL WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONF. The rights to have reproductive freedom & not be afraid for your child's life before they take their first breath. All lives matter seem to care more about the life of a dog, or hell a gorilla, than a black person. Because for the past 500 years, you looked at us as inferior. You as the superior race, and we were 3/5 of a person at one point....but you thought Hitler was bad. The only difference between you all & Hitler, is that your process was a little more thoroughly planned & dragged out/sustained over the course of time. His was more fast paced & extreme....but you all seem to be following in his footsteps quick fast & in a hurry *summons ya man Donald Trump*.

To those who are still delusional after all this here good schooling, you cannot or will not grasp the fact of the truth because "when you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression", but seriously....its time to wake up from your sweet little fairy tale dream.


This post was originally written last summer when I was getting really upset with all of the trolling fools.