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Book Review || Conversations With God: Book Two


I think I finished this book in about a week. Neale Donald Walsch has done it again! This book, as it says on the cover, is a life changer! I consider this a life changer, not because of the insights it holds, but because it made me reflect on and question all things in my life. This book genuinely helped me take a few steps closer to fully integrating Who I Am. I love Conversations With God because even though this book was written from the viewpoint of a middle aged, white, Roman Catholic, American man (do not fear, it is not at all religious, but you can understand how he sees the world), it is extremely relatable, even for myself, a very black woman. You know what angle he looks at life, but it is not an angle filled with opinion or ridicule, it is simply the angle that the author writes from. I also love that the book reiterates that the entity that is God is neither male or female (by interchanging God & Goddess), it simply Is. There are things that are said in this book that may ruffle your feathers a bit, but that is good. Use that and question it. Question why certain words made you feel uncomfortable, question if the ideals that you have for yourself came from YOU or from an outside source (be it a parent, a teacher, a religion, or anyone that was not you).

In this book, so many topics are talked about in depth. Time, sex (and sexuality), education, politics, how we can abide on this planet in peace. I cannot say that I fully agreed with everything written, but it did make me think, it did make me feel, it did make me question my beliefs and my actions (in a positive way), and it did make me change a few of my truths to "better" ones.

To be honest, to give a review for this book would be to tell you MY truth about it, my perspective, my opinion....and for a book like this, I would be doing it a disservice to do so because the whole purpose of this book is to help you remember Who You Are, so I cannot give you a review from the standpoint of Who I Am. I will just leave you with a few pages so that you can catch a few glimpses for yourself.

Even thought this book was written in 1994, I do believe that these words are still very much relevant. These words are still just as powerful because the social climate of our world has not changed, it may have even gotten worse. I honestly want to give a copy of this book to everyone in hopes that they change their perspective to a different one that leaves them less selfish and more connected to themselves and everyone/everything around them.

All in all, I would say that any being wanting to re-member who they are, wanting to shift their perspective, and are open for that matter....should read this book. I would highly recommend reading Book One first because I feel that it provides useful context to understand the tone and use of words in the second book. If you choose to go straight for Book Two, you may have some questions that were already answered in Book One.