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LOLA Feminine Care Products Review


I have to say I  really loved these products! Being that I do my best to live my life as natural as I can, feminine care is something that I definitely include when "thinking natural". I think it is interesting that people will choose to adopt a "natural" lifestyle, but they don't think about what they put in their bodies, especially their vaginas (which is actually ludicrous because the vagina is the most absorbent body part of a woman). LOLA takes the worry out of inserting chemicals into your most sacred space, or even putting chemicals near your yoni. All of their products are made out of 100% organic hypoallergenic cotton. There are no bleaches, dyes, chemicals, or harmful ingredients. You simply choose the feminine care that you are comfortable with (whether they be pads or tampons), order your product(s) & wait to receive it in the mail. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am! I personally got to try out one box of tampons with an applicator (an assortment from super light to super plus) and one box of pads (ultra thin regular and ultra thin night pads). They definitely stood up to the test!

First of all the packaging is really discreet, from the shipping box to the actual product packaging. I thought it was very different that LOLA chose to use blue as their company color, as most feminine care products have some sort of pink or a derivative of pink in their branding. The sleekness alone sets them apart!

I haven't worn tampons in years because of all of the crazy chemicals that are in them. When I did wear them, I did so because I would always get a diaper rash kind of thing when I wore Always pads (how ironic), no matter how often I changed. I later realized that it was not the moisture that irritated my skin, but the chemicals in the pads touching my skin in a dark & damp environment. Tampons were less messy & more discreet. I loved them, but I knew I would be doing my body harm if I continued to use chemical laden tampons that barely worked. I will say that LOLAs tampons worked wonderfully! I can say this because I wore them on my first full day (which is my heaviest day), and I wore them when I went out in public, meaning that I didn't have a bathroom at hand at any given moment. These tampons definitely held up well!

As far as the pads are concerned, they are awesome! It definitely feels like you're wearing thick underwear, since the pads are also 100% cotton. I wore these on lighter days. I didn't get a chance to test out the overnight pads because my flow got super light, but as far as the ultra thins, they are definitely a winner in my book. They did not chafe my skin, they are highly absorbent, and they have wings (which are a must in my opinion)!

I know by now, your probably like, "Okay, but how much does this cost?". It is actually pretty inexpensive being that this is organic cotton material (and that the packaging is official and beautiful). For one box of tampons with an applicator, it is $10 for an 18 count box, tampons without an applicator are $9 per 18 count box, ultra thin pads with wings are $9 per 12 count box, and for ultra thin liners, it is $9 per 28  count box. If you get 2 or more boxes, those prices drop by $1. I would say that is a pretty damn good deal for efficient products that do not harm your body!

All in all I would say that everyone should try and support LOLA. Although I am quite attached to my DivaCup, I am definitely going to incorporate LOLA's products into my feminine care regiment for my moon time!

Oh, also, if you needed more incentive to test out their products, you can use the code 'Jaz' and get 60% off of your first order until February 28th! How amazing is that! You can also take a peek around their website for more information at https://mylola.com.

If you have used LOLA products before, or of you try them after reading this, please share your experience!