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Limegreen: Product Review


I received these products a little over a month ago and I took my time to actually use them to accurately review them. Overall, these products are good to go in my book and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to use products that are natural and "clean".

Now for the actual review. First thing's first, Limegreen is a black owned business....more specifically it is owned by a black woman! Hello! Second of all, I can say that this is a truly natural, grass roots company which I can stand behind.


Third of all, I am a big presentation person. If you took the time to pay attention to how you present something, then you really took your time and paid attention to detail when you were crafting your product. When I received my package, the presentation definitely impressed me! It was very simple, but I could tell that thought was put into it. My package contained 4 products which were organized in such a cute way!

About the products...okay, so my mother took my bar of soap therefore I cannot review it haha. But for the other 3 three products, I really liked them!

My favorite was the hair-face-body-hand oil in the Zinnia scent. I used it every day for a month....safe to say I need to re-up my stash haha. I liked that the scent was light, as was the oil. My body does not do well with heavy oils as it clogs my pores and I will break out. This was the perfect consistency (think melted coconut oil). I used it everyday right after I got out of the shower and my skin was perfectly fine, and moisturized. This was big for me because my skin is extremely sensitive. I would also occasionally put some in my hair if I wanted to have a mild light scent for the day.

The lemongrass scent+massage candle was delightful and very strong (in a good way). The scent permeated the room and made it smell really  fresh within minutes of me lighting it.

I used the body-room-linen spray in Lotus the least, but that doesn't mean that I did not like it at all. Whenever I would clean my room, I would spray this fragrance in the air. (I clean my room quite often, but not nearly as much as I shower or use candles!)

All in all, with two thumbs up, I would say to go ahead, and support Limegreen.  Try it out for yourself. I am sure you will love their products as much as I did!

Check out their website here!