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Book Review|| Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


So this book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself; How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza,  has definitely been one to add to my favorites. Actually, I would go as far to say that this was probably THE best self-help book that I have ever read! My friend, Channing, had recommended this book to me last year and it took me way too long to finish it, but at the same time, I finished reading it right when I was supposed to.

About this book...I really love that it ties in science/physics with spirituality/metaphysics. So if you are more of a person that is into science and needs physical proof that people aren't talking that "hippy-spiritual universe" stuff or if you are that hippy spiritual that is for my science, this book perfectly blends the two and comes from a place where you can understand and relate whether coming from a right or left-brained individual. So whether you are a super science freak, free-spirited spiritual, or even if you associate with a particular religion, the verbiage is universal to all.

For me, it was the best of both worlds. I am very much so spiritual, but I have also loved and been fascinated with science (in school, biology, psychology, & philosophy were my favorite subjects...and still are actually). Dispenza took the concepts of spirituality and backed it with scientific facts, which often made me have "Aha! This makes so much sense!" moments where the light bulb went off. Something as simple as explaining the universe scientifically as the quantum field, made things make sense. To me, it kind of proved that even the things that I had learned in church were very true, it was just explained differently.

I also love the fact that everything is broken down into very simple terms that are easy to process, digest, and absorb. Dispenza does not speak with that "Oh, I know so much and I memorized every SAT word" jargon. He puts everything in layman's terms and if there is an unfamiliar word (which is usually a scientific word), he provides you with a definition to understand. Another thing that I love is that there are figures (drawings) to help visualize what it is that the author is talking about. I have a pretty vivid mind that can construct what I read, but I will say that the illustrations did help.

I probably should have mentioned earlier that this is a pretty long book; about 300 pages. the chapters are pretty long, but Joe Dispenza takes his time and doesn't skip out on anything; nor does he graze over anything! I actually appreciate that because as he thoroughly explained, I thoroughly understood. He makes a really good teacher! I should have also mentioned that there are three parts: The Science of You, Your Brain and Meditation, & Stepping Toward Your Destiny. In each section, he breaks every topic all the way down!

In the last section of the book, the author gives you a 4 week meditative process to follow which allows you to relinquish your old self and create (and live) a new one. Again, he writes out a step-by-step process so you won't have to worry about anything but following the guidelines. I personally haven't done the process, as I have just finished the book, but I will. I feel as though it will will not be too hard for me as I have experience in meditation and already do some/most of the things outlines. For me, it will be more so a task of doing everything outlined methodically and repeatedly in order to form a new habit, a new mind, a new me.

I thought it was interesting that while reading this book, I started to write some things down & reviewing my life (which is another post that I will share later) ; come to find out towards the end of the book, that these were actual exercises prompted by the author. It was also interesting that things that I have said, written, or heard were also in this book. It was like a confirmation that there is a universal source that we all pull from, that we are all connected to. This is a phenomenon that has happened when I have read other books as well, like, "I have said that before." "So&so has told me this before" "I have that written down in a journal somewhere!" It makes me giddy to know how interconnected we are.

Reading this book made me very aware of a lot of things and I have been more aware of myself. Although I have not implemented the meditation process given, I have noticed a change in myself in the past few weeks and how I look at things (I also attribute this to numerous conversations that I have had with my friends/mirrors such as Dr. Crystal Jones, Symone Tyvette, and Maryam Hasnaa who constantly remind me who I AM).

Overall, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, to me was like a text book for how to live a better life. I would recommend this to anyone who is living a life that they know could be better and wants to change it; this book is for those who know they should be living a better life, but do not have the tools or know how to utilize the tools that they do have to live how they imagine. Seriously, everyone and anyone on their journey to self or self-love....this is a MUST READ!

I will write a post in a few weeks to update you on my progress. I am sure I will have lots to share by then!