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My 2017 Astrology Reading by Early Bird Astrology


So first let me say that my friend Chase of Early Bird Astrology is AMAZING!!!! He always comes through with a reading and this time it was no different. What I love about astrology, more specifically the reading of a birth chart, is that it is completely specific and unique to you! It is not your average zodiac, it is about seeing where each planet falls in what house, etc. The last time Chase did a full reading for me was right after I up and moved to Georgia, which was a little over a year ago. Before that I think it was maybe a year before that. In between my major readings, he has given me insights on my life as things came up.

This reading was a little bit different because Chase did my chart reading for the whole year of 2017. I love that his translation of my chart provided confirmation in how I felt about this year while giving me insights about other things that I might not have known or thought bout. As usual, I took notes. I have been doing really well with just listening so for most of the call, I was absorbing everything he was telling me.

Just about everything resonated with me and made sense. I love when he looks at my chart and says something that is in alignment with things that have been happening in my life, things I have been feeling, or visions that I have had. It blows my mind how some people do not believe in this stuff!!

Long story short, Chase told me that I am going to have a very dynamic year. It is going to be filled with growth and change. He also brought light to some things that I need to be aware of. For me, different times of the year are going to bring up (and even rearrange) certain things for me.

A few checkpoints that were brought up in my birth chart:

-Major change within myself

-Good relationships will form, but do not hold on to them too tightly

-Go with the flow

-Huge shift within my personal philosophy

-Major change in my career is going to happen towards the end of the year

-The last week of January is going to be LIT

-December is going to be a major month for me

-The eclipse this year is going to be a big "clean up" time for me

-Positive confirmation on where I want to spend my 26th birthday


This is all I can really say without getting all up in the sauce, but my reading made me really happy. More so because it confirmed what I felt my year was going to be, this just pulled out more specifics.

After my reading, Chase also sent me a recording of the session, suggested dates to start my businesses, and even flower essence recommendations!

I absolutely LOVE Chase!!! I have known him for a few years now and I recommend him to EVERYONE & ANYONE that wants to get their birth chart read (or even a reading for their child, lover, etc). He is amazing and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. He puts in a lot of time and energy to study your chart and it is always light when he does his readings!

If you want to get in touch with Chase to get your birth chart read, you can contact him here...tell him I sent you!

Ps, Chase also sent me a hand made "wish bunny" with a Herkimer diamond in it that has been working wonder for me when I write down my intentions for the full moon!