Living Spiritually

They Want You To Talk

They want you to talkTalk & talk & talk

Talk about your life

Your problems

Where you have been

Where you are going.

They want you to talk

So they can talk

So that they can tell you about their life

Their problems

Where they have been

Where they are going But they don't ever want to take the time

To listen They don't hear the sorrow in your voice

Or the half hearted laugh

They don't catch when your words get soft

Or your gaze turns down

When your eyes fill slowly with tears

But you smile to keep them from falling

The don't hear when your breathing gets heavy

Or when you forget to breathe all together

You let out a sigh

You space out, retreating in your head

& you have to chuckle, nod your head, & say "mmhmm" because you blanked out.

They cant tell that you're tired

That you just want someone to hold you

& listen to you as your heart sings

But they want you to talk.

Without offering solutions, or help, or support

Because they don't really care if there is fire shut up in your bones

& you hold back enough tears to extinguish every flame

They don't care if you have 1000 words to say that no one seems to understand

They want you to talk because unlike you, the silence makes the uncomfortable So when you have no words to come out your mouth or say shut up in an outburst

They look at you like an anomaly

Because they never saw you to begin with

They forgot you were even there

All they wanted was for someone to talk

So that they could talk

They always wanted to talk

No intention to listen.

They never really cared.


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