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Book Review || Big Magic


Let me start by saying that I got this book almost a year ago because there was such a big hype around it! The colors drew you in and who didn't think this book would be awesome, its called big magic for goodness sake! I literally thought this book was going to be of bible status......WRONG! I am usually a "if I'm not into this book by the second page Im over it" person, but I decided to be patient and allow the book to get good. I should have trusted my intuition because that moment never came for me.

Personally, this book had a slow start. To top it off, the voice of the author came from a very "I'm a white woman and I'm privileged" standpoint. I'm not sure if this woman ever had to struggle (like colored folk struggle) a day in her life. This book was SUPER "life is just rainbows and glitters and the only thing that I struggle with is not writing a book in due time while I'm already under a publishing contract". I guess Gilbert was appeasing to the Eat Pray Love crown & cared not about being real. Or maybe how she writes truly is her real...who knows.

I will say that there were little tidbits that I thought was cool, like how she thinks that ideas are kind of floating around waiting on someone to manifest them & if you neglect them they go to the next person OR that she allows fear to come along for the ride, but doesn't give it any say or control...but that was about it.

I have legit been reading this book for about 10 months. I have finished 2-3 book since starting this one. I have picked this book up more than once and put it down way more times. I simply cannot bring myself to read it let alone finish it.

I think this was the shortest book review to date. Personally, there is nothing magical about this book. It was a snooze to me. I could not relate to this ultra privileged life and it did not make me reevaluate my life or be filled with sunshine and rainbows. I will be donating this book because I can't even see it to someone, I would feel so bad. I am almost upset that I paid my money on amazon to even get this book. This is the first time where I am giving a book away out of my library...that is how you know it's real.

All in all I didn't like it and I give it two thumbs down.

If you have read, or attempted to read, what are your thoughts? Please share because I have been told by other "conscious"/aware women that they could not get into it or relate to the book at all either.