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My Chakra Clearing Experience


Let it be known that I was not planning on getting my chakras cleared anytime soon. I did, though, have a feeling that I needed a cleansing since the summer solstice. As you all have read in previous posts, I was dealing with depression. My first doula client, Onika, had hit me up and asked me how I was doing. I was honest with her and told her that I wasn't doing so well. She immediately said, "Sis, let me clear your chakras for you." I told her that I didn't have any money to pay her (I am really big about paying people for their services especially when I know that they are good and what they do is their lively hood. I respect their art + I have a thing with just taking things for free because I feel as though I have to do/give something in return. I am working on that) Any who, she replied, "You helped me when I needed you the most so I am going to help you when you need it." I literally almost cried. We set up the date and time by the next day.

I didn't fully know what to expect because I've never had all of my chakras cleared. (I've had womb clearings, reflexology, and other energy wok, but never this) I was instructed to drink lots of water and wear white or light colors.

The house where the cleansing was held at seemed like a temple on the inside. So many books and African/Native American figurines, instruments, tools, pictures on the wall. Only natural light came in through the house and it smelled natural (I know that might sound weird, but I have to set the scene for you. And it wasn't the bad natural, it was the incense and herbs natural.) I greeted the Mama whose house it was and then walked to the back. More art, books, and figurines were in every room.

When we got to the room where the clearing was going to be, I knew it was about to get real. There were singing bowls on the floor, yogic, Native America, African art on the walls, an ankh chair on the floor, singing bowls lined up and a huge copper pyramid with a table in the middle of it.

Onika explained what was going to happen, explained the function of each chakra, and then we began.

She placed one crystal in each hand and smudged me with sage from head to toe. I was instructed me to sit down and breathe deeply. We went through each chakra, starting from the root. She had me envision each color of each chakra glowing brightly moving in a clockwise motion. As I'm envisioning this she explained what I had to release for these chakras to work properly. When that meditation was done I stood up and she checked each chakra to see whether they were opened or blocked.

She first asked if she could enter my energetic field. I said yes. She placed her hand on each chakra and used her pendulum to speak on the state of my energy centers. Clockwise meant they were open. Counter-clockwise meant that they were blocked/closed.



Solar Plexus.......blocked.



Third Eye......blocked.


*le sigh* I thought at least one chakra would be open.....nope. ALL were blocked or closed. She went back down my chakras to make sure that the readings were correct and that beautiful gold pendulum swung WIDE in a counter-clockwise manner. Then she said she was going to check that the pendulum was accurate and she touched her heart. That pendulum slowed down, stopped, and then went around in a clockwise fashion. Yup. It was official. I had some serious work to get done.

She then told me to lay belly down on the table in the middle of the pyramid. I felt her place things on each chakra and I figured they were crystals. I closed my eyes and made myself open to whatever was about to happen.

BOOOOOOOMMMM.  The bass of the hand drum echoed through my body. BOOOOOOOOMMM. BOOOOOOOOOOM. BOOOOOOOOOM. I literally felt my physical body and spiritual body vibrated. Onika told me that this was to break up any blockages in my auric field. She kept beating the drum over various parts of my body. Even will the banging, I was calm. It felt so good, the vibrations pulsing through me. Every hair on my body stood at attention.

She continued on and then came the tuning forks. I can't even count how many she used and which frequencies they were, but I felt it. She would touch different forks to each chakra. Those mini vibrations also traveled through my body and it felt so good.

To be honest I tried to stay focused on my breathing & be present, but there were a few times when my Spirit drifted...to where, I'm not sure yet. It was like when you meditate and your Spirit dips out for a bit until someone summons you back into your body.

I remember Onika spraying some kind of mist. I don't know what that was exactly, but I know that they each had different scents of essential oils, more than likely for each chakra.

I was instructed to turn around and lay on my back. Pretty much the same thing happened on the front side. The placing of the crystals at each chakra, the beating of the large hand drum, the strumming of the tuning forks. Then Onika placed a large singing bowl on my solar plexus. She struck the bowl and I felt the vibrations enter my belly. She told me to take deep breaths and pull the vibrations in. So I did. She struck the bowl, I breathed in. She struck the bowl again, I breathed out.

Then we were finished. She helped me up slowly and gave me water to drink. She asked me if I was okay, I told her, "yes", and she asked me to stand up so that she could check and make sure that the chakras were indeed open.

Pendulum in her left hand, right hand over my chakras.



Solar Plexus.....open.



Third Eye.....open.


She went back down each chakra to make sure that the pendulum kept swinging in a clockwise manner and it did.

YESSS!!! MY CHAKRAS ARE FINALLY OPEN AND NOT BLOCKED!!! An hour and a half later and I was finally as good as new. (It really didn't feel like that long)

I literally wanted to hug her, but something crazy happened.....my moon (my period) came down in that moment. I liked at her like "Oh my gosh, this literally and physically moved a blockage". I wasn't upset at all because my moon was actually 5 days late. I went to the bathroom and what shocked me was that the blood was brown. I was literally releasing old stale blood. (I don't remember the last time that ever happened. The most I would get was a really dark red, but not brown). Your moon is supposed to shed on the new moon so I was actually happy because that means that my body is getting back in synch with the lunar cycle.

As I was leaving Onika told me that when I got home I had to take a salt bath to wash away any residual energies that might still be lingering. She gave me my instructions, we said our salutations and I left.

Later that night I prepared my bath as she instructed. Poured salt water over each of my chakras, scrubbed my body down with salt in a clockwise motion (literally from my crown chakra to the soles of my feet), washed my body off, gave it all to the salt, let the water drain out of the tub and stepped out without looking back. (If you're wondering the tub wasn't filled with bloody water. For some strange reason whenever I'm in the shower on my moon, it doesn't come out/down while I'm in there) I got out the shower dried off and went right in my bed. I felt so calm, peaceful and sleepy. I told Onika how I felt and she told me that I did it correctly.

It has been a few days and I still feel good. I have been standing in my truth and walking in my light, not holding anything back. The things that I have to deal with in life are still there, but I am not stressing over them. That fear is not allowed to be heard. Im very calm about things, I don't feel the need to cry and shed tears over certain things that are happening/have happened. I am so focused on what I need to do and that is what is keeping me grounded.

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