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Book Review || You Are A Badass


Let me say that this book was BEYOND amazing!! I had originally purchased this book about 3 years ago. I had read maybe 1/4 of the book and for some reason I put it down (even though I enjoyed the book when I first picked it up). Maybe my Spirit knew that I wasn't ready or I wouldn't absorb it as I should. Fast forward two years later to last month, I got a prompt to start this book again. I kid you not, it was like reading a completely different book through different eyes. The same words I had read years ago sounded totally different and registered in my brain in a completely new way!

I finished this book with such enthusiasm! I will tell you all that this book is a definite MUST READ on your self-love/self-improvement journey. I feel as though You Are A Badass was right in alignment with everything else that I have been reading this year.

I especially love this book because it is a very deep book with a lot of instructions, BUT Jen Sincero does it in such a light and sarcastic way that it doesn't feel like your mom breaking down all the rules. There were plenty times when I burst out laughing reading this book. It all made sense though. I will also say that if you don't like curse words or for the author to tell you to literally "get your shit together" or saying "thats for wussies"....this book is not for you. If you have a good sense of humor and love authors who talk to you like their home girl or home boy GO AT IT FOR SURE!

I also love this book because Sincero breaks things down in each chapter in a very easy to digest way. She often gives examples from her personal life that you can relate to on a friend level. She "teaches the lesson" in the beginning of the chapter and then gives you, often hilarious, but realistic, step by step guidelines on how to put what she taught into action. My favorite thing about this book is that at the end of the chapter, at the end of the guidelines, she always makes the last "rule" LOVE YOURSELF. YES!!! You know how much I go hard for self-love!


All in all, like pretty much every book that has been reviewed here, I would HIGHLY recommend you add this book to your library!!!

You can purchase the book here.

If you have read this book, please share your thoughts!