Living Spiritually

Summer Solstice + Full Moon 2016


When I tell you, this was beyond needed for me...it was beyond needed for me. June 20, 2016 was an amazing day. I had been feeling down, extremely low vibrations the past few days. On the brink of depression. Sleeping my days away because my dream state was much more appealing & light compared to my awake/conscious state. A lot was/is happening in my life, my brain was tired of thinking, planning, re-thinking, thinking again, changing negative thoughts to good ones....I was overwhelmed and over it.

I kept telling the Universe. I NEED MONDAY. I need Monday for me. Please not hiccups, no more bad news, no more frustrations. Just give me Monday. I was on a mission to make the most of the solstice & I was going to make sure that happened.

Monday came along & I was so ready. I had prepared a gem elixir/flower essence & I set it out in the morning for a few hours while I ran some errands. When I came back I could already see the magic being released in the water. Here is my post on my elixir.

I packed all of my tools and ingredients & headed out to nature, to the water, the river.

Just walking in nature refreshed me. So many spirit animals out & about (including a blue heron & a beaver which I have never seen in person before). A couple (like a literal couple, male & female) of cardinals stayed by. A group of female sucks came near. Not to mention butterflies of all sorts.

For a few moments my friend & I sat there. Taking in the beauty that surrounded us. It was nice to have a sistar with me, the masculine energy of the sun balanced us out (+ we are both fire signs so that might have helped too). We just sat there alternating talking, silence, capturing the moment, with more silence.

I blessed the earth and offered tobacco, honoring the ground we were on. I lit incense (Copal) & burned sage giving thanks to the air, sending sweet fragrance to the spirit world.

I had brought the elixir with me to get some nature magic too. I placed it out in the sun & carried on.

After a while it was time to give my offerings to Oshun. I came prepared with sunflowers, yams, honey, & cinnamon. (Ps sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower!!!)

I kept one sunflower that I wanted to bring home. ( I ended up giving it to a random woman later on in the day who was so happy to receive it). I cut the stalks off so that the flowers could float. I spoke to Oshun, thanking her & asking for her blessings. I poured the honey on my yam slices (of course I tasted it first!) & sprinkled some cinnamon before giving them to the river. Then I spoke to Oshun some more & sent my sunflowers off into the current. It was so peaceful, so tranquil, so calm. I wish I could've stayed out there all day.

Sistar & I grabbed some food & went our separate ways. I came home, checked on the elixir & let it stay out over night so the full moon could balance out the sun from the day.

I showered & climbed into bed naked, lathered in coconut oil. I stayed up for a few hours & went to sleep feeling full. I didn't do anymore rituals, Spirit didn't feel the need to. I just closed my eyes and drifted off to the dream state.

The sun charged me up yesterday. I felt free & didn't care about much besides being by the river. It was a special day, a good day.

If you did anything for the summer solstice or full moon, I would love to know!