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Book Review|| Conversations With God: Book One


LET ME TELL YOU ALL THIS BOOK IS THE BEST BOOK THAT I HAVE EVER READ....AT LEAST THE BEST BOOK THAT I NEEDED TO READ AT THIS MOMENT. It literally trumps everything that I have laid my eyes upon, up until this very moment of my life. My friend had sent it to me via PDF, & by the second page, I was like, "Okay, I have to get a hard copy, an actual book. I need this in my hands." When the book finally arrived, I did NOT think that this book would touch me so deeply. By page 10 I was ready to write a review. Actually, as I write this I am only on page 85.

First off I understand that not everyone will LISTEN or UNDERSTAND this book as I do. Not everyone will take away what I am taking away. For me, this book was confirmation. As I am reading, my eyes widen because these are conversations that I have had with my friends, with people. I have heard these words and I have said these words. I have written these words. All of these thoughts & verbally expressed words have come before knowing about Conversations With God, let alone setting my eyes upon what was written in this book.

At first, I was a bit skeptical because I thought that this was going to come from a religious standpoint. You can tell that the author is/was a Christian, but the author, the conversations go deeper. This book allows you to "hear" God & "see" God's words on paper. A few religious/biblical things are spoken about, but God breaks them down and explains what was really meant and how the originals words got misconstrued/misinterpreted.

I literally just read 100+ pages in one day! It got really good!!

I will post a few excerpts!

I won't give too much away, but you get the point!

I would recommend anyone who is on their journey to read this book. I would even recommend the highly religious to read this book. Again, I know that not everyone will accept, like, or digest the words written, but it would be a great addition to your library. I truly appreciate this book as it confirmed a lot of things for me and helped me remember other things.

Needless to say I will eventually be getting Book Two and Book Three. This book was introduced to me at such a perfect time, being that I am in my recluse/pratyahara state. I needed to go within, I needed to communicate with God (myself) & this book made its way across my path. AH! So grateful!

You can get the book here

or buy all three books here


If you have read this book or if you end up reading it, please share your thoughts!!!