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|Self| Love Elixir


I wanted to do or make something special during the epic cosmic event that was summer solstice + full moon on. the. same. damn. day! It came to me that I should make an elixir. The first thing that I thought of was Rose Quartz (stay tuned, I have a post talking about the powers of Rose Quartz coming soon!). Then I remembered that the stash of herbs that I had & I grabbed my rose petals.

I put the Rose Quartz in the jar (after I cleaned it), added the Rose petals, then poured in filtered water. I closed the jar up & placed it out side around 9-10am. I was so excited to do this!!!

I stepped out to run some errands & I came back to check on my concoction. Already I could see the rose petals & the Rose Quartz releasing their magical goodness in the water! I packed the elixir with me because I was going out in the woods by the river & I wanted that energy in it too.

look at all that magic seeping out!

As soon as I got to the river, I unloaded everything & placed the elixir on a rock in direct sunlight. I let it do its thing as I did my rituals.

sun, elixirs, crystals, & sunflowers, who wouldn't feel warm inside!

When I came back home, I set it back outside to let it also capture the essence of the full moon.

When I checked on it in the morning it was SO beautiful!

I drained the rose petals & Rose Quartz, then poured the elixir back into the mason jar. I placed it in the fridge for good measure & to keep it fresh longer.

I am so excited to use it. So much love & energy was put into it! Oh, & I did set its intention as I was making it. I will be sure to let you know what greatness happens when I drink it. I think I'm going to start making elixirs every summer & winter solstice. It is such an awesome way to capture the energy of that time.

Have you ever made an elixir? If so, what was your process, your experience? Which stone(s) did you use! Please share!