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Crystal of the Week || Amethyst


Amethyst was one of the few crystals that I started using. Things to know about Amethyst:

-It is associated with the Crown chakra. [side note, if you do not know the metaphysical properties of a crystal/stone, you can always know which chakra it associates with via what color it is!!]. You can place it on or near your crown when meditating.

-It can increase intuition and psychic abilities.

-Can open channels for telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and connections to guides/angels, ancestors.

-An amazing stone for healing. (It is said to also help our animal and plant friends when they are feeling weak or will not grow)

-Brings a calming energy, especially to the head space.

-Can protect against psychic attacks and black magic. Also good for traveling protection.

Personal experiences:

It is one of my favorite stones to use when I am meditating with no specific intention in mind. I feel as though it does open up any blockages that may have been there so that I can connect to the higher realms/my higher self. When I do tarot reads for people, especially if they are far away, I meditate with amethyst and quartz while I set my intention and focus on the person.

One time I had an excruciating migraine for two days (I still am not sure as to why that happened). I rubbed lavender oil on my temples/pulse points and slept with amethyst under my pillow and it went away.

I feel as though amethyst is a good starter stone when you are in the beginning stages to help you connect to your higher self/God/Spirit/The Universe/Source. Not that I don't need amethyst anymore, but I don't need it to tap in anymore. I now have control over that. If I do want to amplify an energy within myself, I still grab my stones! To me, healing stones/crystals are training wheels. They are not made to be depended on. They are there to help you and support you if you need that extra boost of energy.

This is an Amethyst geode that I got for around $10 in a flea market shop in NY.

Geodes help with dispensing the energy throughout the space in which it resides. My geode stays near my crystals to help keep the energy around them pure.

What are your experiences with amethyst? Please share!