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Crystal of the Week || Citrine


Citrine is one of the first stones I ever purchased/used. It was recommended to me by my sistar because of my chronic anxiety. One thing I love about this stone is that it never needs to be cleared because it cannot/does not absorb negative energy. It actually clears and breaks up/dissipates negative energy.

This is a stone for your solar plexus chakra, the third chakra; the chakra of power and energy. When I first got this stone, I wire wrapped it and let the stone hang right over this chakra. It can help with self confidence. It is a great stone for protection.

Citrine is known to bring abundance, prosperity, and success. It is known as a stone of success or "Merchants Stone". I remember when I first started wearing citrine, I would go to stores or restaurants and within minutes more people would come in to buy or eat. I literally felt like I was helping to attract customers.

Citrine can help with emotional trauma and help combat negative patterns. It is said to help remove self doubt and depression by bringing a spirit of happiness. Hence why this was my favorite stone for a while. I would use its energy to help with my depression/anxiety.

I have a few pieces of citrine. This is my biggest one.

Main properties of citrine to take away:

-For solar plexus. Increase/magnify personal power and energy

-Success, abundance, prosperity

-Overcomes negative energy. Clears negative energy.

-Good for protection. Helps bring stability energetically.

-Never needs to be cleared (smudged).

& if you havent noticed already, I prefer my crystals/stones raw. I do have polished stones in my collection, but I prefer to have them in their most natural state!

What are your experiences with Citrine!? I would love to hear!