Living Spiritually



The past few days have been amazing for me. So much clarity and so many revelations/epiphanies have come to me, not to mention I have been getting A LOT done! Let me back up a little. I had been getting strong urges to get off of social media for a while and disconnect (I would say for a couple weeks). So many signs were around me encouraging me to do so. My life has been beyond eventful, to say the least, for the past month or so. So much was happening, is still happening, that I had to take time out to process everything. It was getting quite overwhelming honestly. I have been more private than ever lately, but I would still discuss my life happenings with a few people close to me. Although the people who I shared with gave great insights, I had to make decisions and form opinions for myself. On top of everything happening, I realized that even though I did not spend that much time on social media, it was still way too much for my liking. I would say on average I would spend at least an hour a day on Instagram, get caught up for maybe 30 minutes on snapchat daily, and maybe get lost in my Facebook feed for a good 25-30 minutes every once in a while. I would say that was the minimum, not including the random times that I would go on social media when I was waiting for someone, when I was in line at the grocery store, etc. So at least an hour and a half of my day was spent on social media watching other peoples lives while my life isn't where I would like it to be. What kind of sense is that? On top of all of that, I would find myself comparing my life to others and jealousy would even creep up on me. So not only am I being heavily distracted, I am not working on myself nor my situation and I am self loathing for things that I don't have. I had to check myself REALLY QUICK.

When I told people online and in person what I had in mind, that I was going on a fast, I got a bit of backlash (as well as support). Many people wanted me to stay on social media because they "needed" my posts, some thought I was being extreme, others didn't see the need in me doing what I need to do. But all that matters is that I KNOW what I needed to do, I KNOW what is best for me, my Spirit, and my journey. I always say that not everyone will understand why I do what I do, but no one needs to understand BUT ME. Signs of encouragement were all around me, whether it be dreams, things people would randomly say to me, videos and articles that people would send to me, as well as my tarot card readings that I had been doing for myself.

One of my best friends had recommended that I read a book called The Tree of Yoga (which I will of course post a review about soon). She is very much so like me and she was my yoga partner when I still lived in New York. So if she recommends something to read, I know that it is good and has value. Within the first few pages, I felt like the urge to connect to self was literally screaming at me. So many words in that book spoke to me. I decided to start the month of June with a social media fast, practicing one of the limbs of yoga called PRATYAHARA.

Pratyahara means to withdraw from the senses. Drawing the senses away from the surface level of the skin and bringing it towards the soul. Detaching from the affairs of the world and attaching to the affairs of the soul. Discriminating against what you allow in. This allows for a clear vision of the soul. A clear vision of your purpose. A clear path to connect back to yourself without distraction or the cloud of other people's fear or perception clouding your own judgement. You act and react from self.

Long story short, it is always okay to momentarily disconnect from the outside world and all of the shallow attachments and connect on a deeper level to SELF. That is the whole purpose of your life journey anyways....isnt it? To get to understand who you really are, to look within so that you may share the essence of your being though your life mission? Do not let peoples projections of their fears and perception block you from doing what you need to do especially if you have a strong urge or sense that you need to do something.

I am not suggesting to run away from your life issues or real life matters, nor am I saying to disconnect completely with everyone and everything around you. I am saying that every once in a while we ALL need to disconnect from the superficial, shallow interactions that we allow every day. I am not saying to disconnect from the things that serve you well and the people who genuinely care for you and love you. Keep the meaningful, deep connections...just be mindful of the lifeless situations that we put ourselves in daily. Scrolling through a feed and liking random pictures and videos from people you've never met or truly interacted with does what for your soul, your spirit, your being, your journey?

Let us all be mindful that we need to take the time out of our days EVERY DAY to check into ourselves, nourish our spirits, and learn who we really are from the core.

It has been a learning and transformative experience thus far. I cannot wait until I am done to see how much I have learned about myself and how much I have accomplished. I may update everyone at the end of my social media fast/cleanse to tell you all what happened....maybe I won't. Who knows...not everything that happens in life is meant to be shared and that is something that I have come to learn over the years.......