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Crystal of the Week|| Quartz


Quartz is probably one of the most popular stones and it happens to be one of my favorite crystals ever. Some people call it Crystal Quartz or Clear Quartz. Quartz is known as the "master healer". It is an amplifier. Meaning that whatever crystal you use it with, it magnifies/increases that crystals energy. Also, if you wear it, it amplifies your mood...good or bad. Quartz can hold/pull/release energy as needed. It is important to clear this stone and charge it back up with good energy once you get it. (One time I met this woman who thrifted a quartz necklace and was wearing it with the pendant hanging over her heart space. I asked her if she cleared it before she wore it and she looked at me with the most confused face. I almost passed out for her. She had some unknown energy hanging around near her heart! *insert weeping emoji* I do not recommend second-handing these things unless you know who was its previous owner and if you intend to clear it.) You can use Quartz to amplify or energize other crystals.

Quartz can enhance your psychic abilities. When I meditate, or when I do a tarot reading, I usually have Quartz nearby or I hold it in my hand to amplify the connection between me and the Universe/Source. This crystal is also associated with the crown chakra. You can place this stone near the head when meditating, but feel free to place it over any chakra that needs it.

Quartz is also good for balance/regulation mentally, spiritually...overall, really. Using Quartz for healing, channeling, and or protection are other options. It is said that Quartz can protect you from black magic and negative energy.

Quartz is really powerful when it comes to manifesting and setting/writing intentions, since it is the universal crystal and it amplifies things, putting more energy towards it. I have done this before. Writing out intentions, folding the piece of paper and setting a Quartz and candle on top of it to give my words the energy it needs to come to fruition.

These are my personal stones!

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