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How To Choose Your Crystals


So many people always come to me and ask me where I get my crystals from and which crystals to get. Personally, I buy crystals in person from one place. Since I moved to GA I go to Crystal Blue in Little 5 Points. The energy in that space is amazing. Plus when I first moved, a few people that I am close with told me that I should check that spot out. One of my rules of thumb is that if someone I am close with recommends something or someone, it/they can be trusted.

When I lived in Middletown, NY, I only shopped at this place called Sunshine Studios. I would still go back there if I am ever in the area. The energy there was also amazing. It was my little happy place. Sometimes I would go after a stressful day at work just to feel some good vibes.

That is one thing. If the establishment that you are going to get your crystals from feels weird or bad....I wouldn't recommend that you go forward with getting healing stones from there. The energy should always be light and airy. You should feel happy. The people who work there should also have good energy.

Now as far as online crystal vendors, I am EXTREMELY leery about that!!! I need to know who and what energy is handling these precious babies! My ONLY online crystal dealer, as I like to call her, is my sis Bri Luna better known as @TheHoodwitch (you can find her here thehoodwitch or check out her visually captivating Instagram). I also have a client of mine, Onika, who sells crystals online here. I got crystals from her in person, but like I said, you can also purchase them via her website. And I also got a yoni egg from AshleysNaturals. These ladies are the only online vendors that I trust going back to at the time. This is not to say that everyone else is not reputable, I'm just saying I don't know them.

Now for the part that everyone has so many questions about. "Well which crystal, stone should I get?". First let me say that when I am in a crystal shop, I DO NOT TOUCH THE CRYSTALS/STONES. Why? For three reasons. One, I do not want to put my energy in/on something that someone else will use (some people may not know about cleansing their stones before using them). Two, I do not want to pick up anyone else's energy that has touched the stones. Three I think that is just plain rude to touch stones that are not even yours. I even ask my friends permission to touch their crystals before placing my fingers on the.

Any who, I have a few guidelines (that you don't necessarily have to follow) that work for me in regards to how I choose my crystals:

  1. If someone I am close with or has done energy work on me (this is usually the same two people) recommends that I look into and get a stone, then I research that particular stone/crystal some more and go get it.
  2. If you are naturally drawn to a particular crystal/stone overall in life or if you walk into the crystal shop and there is a stone literally calling your name, chances are your spirit wants/needs the energy of that stone; so that is the one you go for. Sometimes I would go into a shop with no intentions of getting anything, then I am drawn to a particular crystal, and when I look it up, its literally the energy that I needed at that point in my life. I will also ask one of the employees at the shop to give me a bit more information on the stone if I am not too familiar.
  3. How to pick out one particular stone from the bunch (all the stones are in a basket/container, which one do you choose)? What I do is I ask the worker to pour them out on the counter for me. There is usually a felt like mat that they put out as not to scratch the crystals. Once everything is laid out, I skim everything over with my eyes to see if any one stone calls out to me. If one does, I will put it to the side. I glance the crystals over a few more times. If no stone visually calls out to me, I pass my hand over the stones. Please let me point out, I USE MY LEFT HAND TO DO THIS! I use my left hand for two reasons, because the left side of the body is the receiving side and the left side is also your spiritual side. So I pass my (left) hand over the crystals & if I feel a pulling towards a particular stone I pick it up and I put it to the side. I go back over which ones I put aside and make my decision. Most times I can spot or feel a stone that is "mine" almost instantly. Other times, the stone makes me work a little bit.

That was just a quick "How To". It truly is not as difficult as people think it is. What is most important is the intention in your heart when you are picking out your crystals. Go with what your Spirit tells you! Trust yourself!!

Oh, and please be sure to cleanse your crystals before you use them. (Check out my post "Crystal Healers" to see how to work with crystals and what they do for you)

Be on the look out because I will be sharing a crystal of the week! I will let you all know what they are good for and what I use them for in my personal life!

Much love.




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