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Book Review || The Tenth Insight


Let me start out by saying that if you read The Celestine Prophecy, you HAVE to read The Tenth Insight!!! This book is absolutely amazing. I think I love both of these books because although they are fiction, it seems absolutely real and you can most definitely apply the book to your life or at least see an alignment somewhere along your journey.

This book picks up with the main character after he leaves Peru (ps does anyone know if the main characters name was ever mentioned?). It follows him throughout his journey in this mystical national park as he grasps the Tenth Insight bit by bit. What I do like about this book in comparison to the book that preceded it is that the whole book focuses on only one insight, the tenth insight. It really gives a detailed description/depiction of that the tenth insight is as a whole. Spreading out a whole insight in one book was definitely a plus; it gives your brain enough time to really digest what it is reading! I feel as though this book really makes you really look at your whole purpose/existence while still keeping hold of the previous nine insights.

I will try to sum up the book without giving too much away (I know some people are really sensitive about that!).

What is The TENTH INSIGHT all about? Unlike the first nine insights which were relevant to how we perceive things in the present and act based off of our surroundings, the tenth insight takes us to the Afterlife. It does, at first, talk about the fact that there are vortexes, or particular areas that are "hot spots" of condensed energy. These hot spots are where highly spiritual things happen and you can use these areas to boost your energy.

The purpose for the main character going into this national park is to search for Charlene (remember her from the first book?!). In the park there is an unlawful "experiment" going on that causes him to hear a hum. He then meets someone who tells him to pay attention to the animals. This, for me was big because in my personal life spirit animals have been appearing to me with specific messages. As the book progresses the main character reunites with Wil (he is from The Celestine Prophecy as well!). All throughout, the main character sees Wil in the Afterlife and different things happen to the both of them there. Will is there in different parts of the book whenever the main character learns something new in the Afterlife. The main lesson for the protagonist is to learn how to resolve the Fear and how to stop it from growing. From my understanding, the Fear is thinking that mankind will come to an end (you know, like the "end time prophecies" that the earth will be in total destruction and chaos therefore humanity will either come to an end or be saved by a world leader).

Another aspect of the Fear is allowing individuals to know their true power/capabilities; being afraid that one will lose power. The Tenth Insight goes back in history and covers historical events to the 20th century. The book shows how many world leaders keep knowledge away from the people in order for them to remain complacent and easily controlled. Even in the Jesus story, church leaders prevented people from becoming too powerful. The author goes as far as mentioning that the church leaders convinced the general people that they could not communicate with God directly, making them believe that they did not have a connection to The Source. (I kid you not, when I read this I had a "THIS ALL MAKES SENSE!!!" moment)

In the Afterlife the main character learns several lessons all leading up to his complete understanding of the World Vision. One of the first lessons is being aware of soul groups. (Again, I came across an article that mentioned soul groups). They are constantly around you and sending you love and energy. In the Afterlife, you can connect to them and pick up on their knowledge. In regards to soul groups, the main character learned that if you try to connect to the soul group with the intention of increasing your own energy instead of connecting to the Source energy, the soul group shifts out of focus and moves away from you. These soul groups also help us remember our Birth Vision and when we die, the are near to help us see our Life Review.

The book goes through history and tells us how everyone in every different human era, lost sight of they Birth Vision. Pretty much having the purest intention when we come to the earth in human form, but allowing the Fear to block our original purpose. For instance, the Europeans who came to America in search for empowerment, freedom, and higher spirituality knew that the Native Americans could help them as far grounding and getting in tune with the land, but those Europeans forgot their original purpose and only sought to conquer and exploit the native people of the land. Other examples are given so you can understand this viewpoint better.

Another part of everyones birth vision is for humanity to ultimately raise the vibrations on earth and simultaneously raise the vibrations in the Afterlife. These vibrations deepen the connection between the physical world and the spiritual Afterlife. Throughout the book, the main character goes back and forth between both worlds gaining insight each time he journeys to and fro.

One point that The Tenth Insight made was "the polarization of the Fear". This, in short, is where less and less people are in the middle ground; they are on either side.  One side being the spiritual side where we see how humanity can be better and do good deeds, reversing all the damage that we have done. The other side is where people see the ultimate demise of humankind and that people are bad. In the understanding of the tenth insight and the polarization of the Fear, we dehumanize people and treat them as an enemy without the understanding that we are all souls trying to grow; we all have an original intention, aka our Birth Vision, and we just have to help each other remember what we truly came here for! All in all we have to see that people are not originally evil, they are acting out and they need help/intervention on finding the root source; then with the people who they can identify with, they can remember their purpose here on this earth.

There is a solution to everything that is mentioned called The World Vision, which I think can totally work. Once you read it, you will totally understand as well! Pretty much the characters see the whole story of humanity from the beginning all the way to how the world can be if everyone shifted their way of thinking, overcame the Fear, and remembered their Birth Vision.

**Just to mention, there are plenty other characters and adventures in this book, but I didn't want to go too into detail!

I think the most amazing part about this book, personally, is that as I was reading it there were so many "mind blown" moments because I would read something that I just had a conversation about with someone. Or I would read a certain part of the book and then I would come across something that reiterated the very same thing that I just read. What makes it even better is that these books were written over 20 years ago. How amazing is that! Books written decades ago still hold so much relevance and I can see so many ways to incorporate the thoughts written, in my own reality.

For me, there were SO MANY parallels. Again, James Redfield has made me a firm believer of his work. I most definitely need to read the next book in this saga! I recommend that anyone who read The Celestine Prophecy continues the series and reads The Tenth Insight!