Living Spiritually

No One Wants to Journey Anymore.


This is an unfortunate realization that I have come to, especially since my social media platform has increased exponentially this past year. So many people, mostly women, come to me and ask my for help/guidance. (Side note: I am greatly honored and humbled that so many people come to ME in general) It got so overwhelming that I had to stop answering direct messages and I honestly haven't replied to any emails in over a month. It is not that I do not want to answer these questions, help others, or give advice.....it just takes a lot of energy (more than people think) to answer each and every question on a personal level (I never give out generic responses). Then you multiply that by over 30x.......yea. I'm in the process of figuring things out for myself and getting my life together, now I have to devote at least another hour or so expending energy that I do not even have to give myself. They want me to figure out their life and come up with solutions for their life situation.

I notice that soooooooooooooooooo (I have to stress/emphasize this) many people ask me questions that they can simply google. Literally basic, google-able (I don't even know if that is a real word) questions. People want me to do all of the research and leg work and then come back to them with all the answers.

A few questions that I get all the the time is "How do I start yoga, where do I begin?" or "How did you get so knowledgable in spiritual matters?" "I want to be more spiritual, but where do I start? What do I do?".

Again, I do not mind answering these questions, although the repetition does get a bit frustrating at times. I do not look down on anyone who is trying to elevate themselves....but listen.....YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK!!!

Yes there were people along my journey who helped me along the way, but it was more so indirect help/sharing of knowledge, or they bestowed knowledge on me without me asking them for it. If I did ask a question, it was because I know that person had personal knowledge/experience in regards to what I wanted to learn....then I did research on my own! If I could pull up my google history the past 3 years, it would be extensive!!! I literally googled everything. I followed inspirational people (ones that inspired ME) and I watched them. I saw what books they were reading. I researched the book(s). Most of the time I purchased them to read myself. I read those books. I read those articles. I watched those videos. I experimented on myself with different techniques, remedies, herbs, etc. Some things worked for me, some things did not. People talked about crystals, healing stones, singing bowls, tuning forks, meditation, etc. I googled that. I bought books on EVERYTHING! I printed out articles online. I went hard in the paint!


Think of life journey as a child. How do children learn? They listen, touch, taste, fall, get cut, watch and copy, smash food in their face even if they made a mess....they got it together eventually though, right? Babies/children put action behind their learning/growth. No child ever learns how to do anything if their parents did every single thing for them during that crucial time in their life.

Same concept here. I cannot feed you, hold your hand, or do things for you. Everyone wants the end results, but very few want to put in the leg work to get there. You have the same exact access to the internet that I do, but what I see is that in this time and age of instant gratification, people do not want to wait to be enlightened/healed/informed/wise. The want it NOW.

That isn't how it works. YOU HAVE TO JOURNEY TO LEARN. Do you think masters of anything became masters because their teacher did everything for them? NOPE! You cannot master anything without putting in the work. You cannot expect to receive if you are not giving anything. Simple law of attraction.

Another thing that I always tell people is that what worked for me may not work for them. What happened to me isn't necessarily going to happen to them (actually I'm sure that what happened to me isn't going to happen to anyone else in the way that I experienced it). My path is not your path. You can literally do every single thing I did and STILL not get the same results. Many people do not realize that. EVERYONE'S JOURNEY IS DIFFERENT. Yes, you can ask for help/guidance when you need it, but no one will give you step by step plan for your life, nor does anyone have the capacity to do so. Ask questions, but don't forget to put in the work for yourself. Know that you must journey alone.

I'm not sure if people are afraid to journey or if they are simply too lazy. Your life's journey is the most difficult thing EVER, yet it is the most beautiful thing you will ever experience. You WILL: mess up, fall, get hurt, make multiple mistakes, take a wrong turn, get ridiculed, receive hate, cry, scream, get frustrated, be confused, get stuck, not know what the entire F to do......but it is YOUR journey and you can shape it however you want. With every "negative" thing that may describe your journey, there also comes plenty smiles, victories, laughs, adventures, memories, celebrations, pats on the back, and the most important thing is that you LEARN & GROW!!

The more you fight the journey, the more it will fight back or even worse...it simply won't occur. If you don't GO you won't GROW.

"Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey." One of the truest statements ever made. It isn't always about where you are trying to go, its about the many lessons learned and memories made while you were on the way there.


Love & LIGHT