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Book Review: The Celestine Prophecy


I have to tell everyone that this book was probably the best book I have read in my entire life! It is right up there with The Alchemist and Of Water and the Spirit (which are both amazing books for spiritual people). I understand The Celestine Prophecy came out decades ago, but this was the right time for me to read it. Like many other people I just kept seeing it everywhere so I figured it was finally time to get the book. This review is going to be short and sweet. So first off this book jumps right into the action within the first few pages. It takes your mind directly in the story line.

I do not want to give too much away to the people that want to read the book, but the book is about a man who travels to Peru because of a Manuscript that will change human behavior and mankind. This Manuscript contains nine (9) Insights as to how we will achieve this heightened sense of spirituality to consciously evolve. The only thing is that in the book, the Manuscript is illegal in Peru because the church believes that it will undermine the teachings of Christianity and it will cause havoc in the world.

Although this was a fiction book, it felt very real. It was like The Alchemist in the fact that there were a plethora of lessons learned and in the case of The Celestine Prophecy, I looked at each insight an introspected. It really made me think about my whole life, each "coincidence" that happened and how they all got me to where I am now. I felt as though I practiced most of the insights in part unconsciously before I even read the book, so it was exciting to see it being written out in front of me.

I will give you a brief synapsis of each insight.

First Insight: We will have meaningful coincidences that happen in our lives. When we acknowledge these coincidences and see their meaning, coincidences will occur more often.

Second Insight: We have to look back at our history in whole starting from 1000 years ago. We went from being ruled by the church, to rebelling because we felt that there was more than what these priests were telling us. We set out to explore the world for answers to our questions, but the answers took too long so we became preoccupied in material satisfaction rather than spiritual satisfaction.

Third Insight: Everything is made up of energy that cannot be measured by science. A heightened sense of perception occurs when we begin to see the beauty in EVERYTHING.When we become aware of this energy we can see and feel how we send and receive this energy. You can literally see energy auras around everyone and everything.

Fourth Insight: The main problem in the world is that humans are in a constant competition for energy. Stealing energy from other people to feel better about themselves.

Fifth Insight: We do not need to compete for energy because there is an unlimited source of energy to tap into...UNIVERSAL ENERGY. You can do this by eating vegetation that is high in energy and by seeing the beauty in all things, which puts you in a loving state. When you tap into this love state, your energy is so high that you have a mystical experience. You vibrate higher by connecting to this higher energy.

Sixth Insight: We have to be aware of our control dramas which were developed as a child. The four dramas are intimidator and interrogator (which are active dramas) as well as aloof and poor me (which are passive dramas). Once we know which drama we play, we must clear ourselves of these dramas. We have to learn our parents dramas and figure our what our lesson/place was in between the two dramas, which is our life question that we need to work towards answering.

Seventh Insight: Use your intuition to answer the questions you have at the moment. Our intuition is heightened when we are tapped into the source energy and when we are clear of our dramas. This means paying attention to all coincidences, paying attention to your dreams and day dreams, and by knowing which direction to take because the right path physically seems more beautiful.

Eight Insight: Relating to others. How to raise children without control dramas. How our personal evolution can be stopped abruptly by becoming addicted to another person. The people that we encounter has a message for us. We need to send them energy so that they can return the energy in the form of a message. Control dramas will melt away of we make the other person aware of their control drama and don't play the role in their life drama (each drama as an opposite drama that "feeds" it). Have conscious conversations with people where everyone focuses their attention on the person that is speaking so that they can speak freely. Then when the person is done, you feel where the energy flows and then send all of your energy to the next person.

Ninth Insight: A heightened vibration where you can see into the future, you are invisible to people vibrating at a lower frequency, and you have the "Jesus effect" where you too can vibrate so high that you perform things that seem mystical or like magic. We will do away with currency. We will consciously have smaller families so that we could better sustain the earth. We will live near forests with high energy and so much more.

The book will, of course, go into detail on each insight and there is amazing drama and adventure that happens on each page. I don't want to give too much away.

Like I said. This book was a life changer for me. I really feel that every human being needs to read this . If we could all live by these insights, I am almost sure that the world will be a better place and everyone will be happy!

Have you read The Celestine Prophecy? If not, will you pick up the book after reading this review? As always, let me know your thoughts!!