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Womb Cleansing Ritual + Auric Cleansing (Part 2)


So I know most of you have read about the womb cleansing ritual that I had performed on myself the other day. Super intense, I know. But it gets better. On 11/7/15, I had one of the most unbelievable and painful (in a good way) experiences of my life. Let me explain.... After I did my self healing session, I honestly felt so amazing. Still, something in my spirit said that I still needed help. I needed someone to help me thoroughly cleanse my aura and sacral chakra to make sure that all of my soul connections to these hurtful men and any blockages were gone. I reached out to my friend Crystal (who is an AMAZING healer and energy worker) who I kind of always go to when it comes to this spiritual stuff. [find Crystal here] Her exact words were "I recommend probably getting work done by an intuitive healer. That way, someone can read you from the outside. You + her = magic. Not often, but sometimes, it's best to get one of those magic sessions." This was said on Wednesday 11/4/15

Low key, I was sad that Crystal wasn't going to be my healer for this part of my journey, but she has helped me enough to span three lifetimes. I listened to spirit and knew that whoever was going to be the one to help heal me was coming soon....I did not realize how soon. Friday, 11/6/15, comes and I find out one of my sister Goddesses, Symone, was going to be in town. The lives in New York, I live in Georgia. She also happens to be a spiritual healer and does reiki (as well as a few other things, [find Symone here]).....LOOK AT HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS!!!! We made plans to meet up when she arrived.

Funny thing is Spirit wanted to wear all orange which I thought was fitting being that orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra. I get to Symone and we just start chopping it up, talking about life. We already had a heavy connection because we knew each other quite well in a past life. We talked about the most recent man that I removed from my life. We talked about how i tend to give my power away to the men I am in love with. All the while her guides are speaking to her as she is speaking to me. We talked about ancestor worship. We talked about everything. She did a tarot read for me and It lined up EXACTLY with everything we just talked about and everything we were about to do. I just have to take heed to the messages that were given to me so that the "future" reading of my cards lines up.

Then came the reiki/spiritual healing. It started off nice and calm. I could feel her warm hands over parts of my body. The crystals pulsating at each point where they touched my skin. Then the real work started happening. I could literally feel her pulling on these cords that were still there. The first thing that came to my head was that I thought I cleared this!? But my brother had reminded me after my womb ritual, that in the spirit world nothing is linear and I may have to perform this ritual numerous times as some negative energy just doesn't want to let go. I laid there as Symone worked on me. My abdomen tightened up and began to pulse in these waves that resembled me almost wanting to do a crunch. The pulsations became stronger and I began to cry. I still felt Symone pulling. The pain now warmed up in my sacral chakra. These cords were buried deeper than I though and Symone still pulled. My eyes were still closed but I knew the motion that she was doing. Imagine if i had a long rope and I told you to reel it in with one hand. You flick your wrist to wrap the rope around your hand and then pull. That was the exact motion I felt (I can only verify this is what happened through Spirit, again my eyes were closed). As she kept pulling, the pain got worse. The crying turned into weeping. The weeping turned into wailing. It felt like I was having a baby I swear. I'm extremely hot at this point, I'm sweating, tears streaming, eyes still closed. The pain would reduce and then I would feel another pull. I writing around in anguish, still crying out. This went on for a bit. I felt a pain in my right ovary and funnily enough Symone went right over there and began pulling again and again this excruciating pain overtook my body. I swear, if you would have walked in, you would have thought it was the exorcism or something. There was one energy that I felt was trying to hold on to me for dear life. As she was pulling, the energy resisted, my body tensed up in pain. Symone started speaking, I don't know what she was saying, but simultaneously my spirit told me, "Relax, this has to come out. I know this hurts, but you need to get rid of this so relax." My spirit then told this energy that it was no longer welcomed here and it had to leave. Symone pulled harder and after a few more yanks that bad boy left and my whole body relaxed and sank down. My breathing returned to somewhat normal. This was all happening in my womb space. What is comical in retrospect was that when we were just talking I told her that she was going to have a lot of digging to do.....I don't think we both expected the work that was going to be done.

Next was my solar plexus. The same motions occurred. Symone pulling, blowing, "wiping" off the negative energies. Me crying, hurting, breathing erratically. At one point my ego tried to chime in and say we didn't want this anymore, that it hurt too much, but spirit quickly shut that down and said that we needed this. This needed to happen for us to heal and move forward. Symone still working, my heart gets heavy and it starts to hurt a bit, pulling motion happens. Then I start coughing uncontrollably. Well whatever was there in my chest is out now. Then there was something on my left arm. I could feel her pull that out too. It didn't hurt as much, but it was not a very comfortable feeling.

Throughout the whole process I could feel the different crystals being placed on or around me. I felt their different vibrations and their purpose. I felt Symone's hands overtime they were over me or on me. When she put her hands over my third eye and crown chakra, there was this surge of energy. My eyes darting left to right (although they were still closed), or were looking up into my pineal gland. [Funny thing is my third eye is getting warm as I write this] I was there, but I wasn't. Before my spirit left to journey wherever it journeyed (I don't remember where it went surprisingly, I just know that it left and came back a few times) I saw a series of images and I was also shown a number. I put that in my memory bank and then went into the spirit world. I did not even realize I left and went that far until Symone sprayed me with something and then I smelled the peppermint oil on her hands. I also noticed that it was dark outside when I opened my eyes....I didn't realize how much time had passed by.

After I took my time to come back in my body and sit up, we went back and forth between sitting together in silence and recapping what had happened. Our versions of what happened lined up, it was just so amazing how spirit and energy works....when you let it. She let me sit alone and write down whatever came to me. My spirit still had some things to say. The handwriting was not of my own, very swift, very quick. Spirit took control and I didn't even think about it. Whatever came, I just wrote it down. It was some really powerful and deep things that I needed to know. I chose a crystal that Spirit wanted and just sat there.

Hearing all of this, you would probably think that it was unreal or it sounded like it was in a movie. But trust me, everything I felt was absolutely real and everything that Symone did was absolutely real as well. I do not know if I will need another session after this, but I do know that constant work needs to be done to further my growth spiritually. I am forever grateful to my sistar Goddess that helped me with this part of my journey, thoroughly clearing out my auric field and completely weeding out all of the old painful ties that were still deeply entwined in my spirit.

People have to understand that healing yourself is not this happy fun-filled occasion. It hurts, it is painful. I understand why most people just push their problems away and bury it...but that is how we make ourselves sick and weaken our spirit. We have to clear our space, our spirit, our energies to live a happy healthy life. We cannot walk around with all of this extra/dead/useless/parasitic energy from numerous people and expect to be fine if we just put a bandaid on it. We have to dig deep and remove the problem(s) from the source, the root because like weeds, they will keep showing up and taking the life force out of the flowers in the garden that really need it.

Well I hope I didn't scare anyone with my experience. It was truly amazing to go through it. As painful as it was, you have to go through the fire sometimes to come out a brand new person.