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Coffee Enema Experience: Not Your Average Coffee Fix


So I was on a parasite cleanse for a few days, but I am absolutely HORRIBLE with pills. The cleanse lasted for all but 3 days. I planned on resuming the cleanse then I happened to have a phone conversation with one of my other natural/earthy/holistic sistars. She got to telling me about how she does coffee enemas on the regular. She also advised that I do it because she swears by it. At the end of our conversation I was dressed and ready to go out to the store in search of organic coffee and an enema kit. [You can read her experience/opinion here http://lovethediosa.com/post/128027216201/why-i-love-coffee-enemas-do-them-at-least-once-a] I got home from the store and did a bit of research. First, let me say that medical professionals/doctors do not advise that people do coffee enemas.....but if you know me, you know that I don't trust doctors fully and half the things I do in my life are not approved by the FDA, USDA, + I'm pretty sure most doctors would not approve of me putting garlic and oils up my vagina either *welp* it works for me so I care not. There were plenty of sites with "reviews" of coffee enemas and how-to's. I got my instructions from http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/06/bulletproof-coffee-enema/. If you go on that site, you will see all the benefits of a coffee enema as well as full detail instructions.

   I prepared my coffee enema first by grinding my organic coffee beans with the milling blade on my Nutribullet. I boiled the grinds as the website instructed. (I added about 1 cup of water to the boiled solution + strained the mixture). I went in the bathroom and got myself mentally prepared. I also made a bowel movement before beginning the enema (that's super important!).

   The enema insert went in easier than expected, thanks to my hand dandy coconut oil! It took me a while (about 5 minutes) to get the coffee mix to actually flow into my intestines. Not sure if it was the tube or my anal sphincters...but once I felt the water go in my colon I was like HELLO! The water was warm so it didn't feel too weird. Once all of the mixture drained out of the enema bag, I waited about 5 minutes to remove the tube from my behind (I wanted to make sure that nothing came out). I laid in the tub, still on my side. I did notice a lot of rumbling happening, like I had gas. Then I kept having the urge that I needed to use the bathroom. Good thing I exercise my pelvic floor muscles because I was surely flexing them to make sure that no coffee water spilled out! I passed time by going on social media and whatnot. After about 30 minutes I got out of the tub and sat on the toilet. I relaxed my muscles and within a few seconds, I relieved my bowels, well it relieved itself. It was an interesting feeling as the enema came out. It felt like I was urinating out of my butt, it was like water, nothing was solid/together. It wasn't bad though, almost how it feels when you have diarrhea, but more watery, minus the pain/burn of run belly (I know this sounds gross to some, but I have to be honest so if you try it you won't be surprised and curse me out). I let everything flow out and occasionally assisted by actively bearing down a bit. I stayed on the toilet for about 10-15 minutes to make sure that everything came out (I would think I was done then another wave of coffee poop would come down).

   I checked out my fecal matter when I was done. Nothing crazy or abnormal (I was so looking forward to seeing some gross stuff). I did notice some little leaf pieces (I had a kale wrap yesterday morning), so I feel like I did clean out my bowels pretty well. Everything felt completely emptied. One other plus, my excrement smelled like coffee and coconut oil, so I wasn't even mad. I took a shower and that was the end of that.

One thing I will do, as recommended by my friend who told me about this whole thing, is adding more water (I only used about 1 1/3 cup of water all together) and adding apple cider vinegar to add to the cleansing process. She also suggests adding other herbs that may suit you and your body.

Over all my conclusion/opinion is that it works very effectively. I will definitely be doing a coffee enema at least once a week. I do notice that I am wide awake right now...who needs a shot of expresso when you can just put it up your butt without tasting all that bitterness. I will update you all with more results as I continue to use this enema.

   Have you done a natural enema before? If you haven't, let me know how your experience is!

Love & Light