Living Spiritually

Tarot Reading 8.6.15


I have been getting my life in order, situating things and doing my best to come up with decisions. In the process I feel my anxiety creeping up on me. I felt the need to reach out to the Universe for my spirit guides to help me in my decision making and to calm my nerves. Sometimes you just need that reminder that things will work out.....I have to keep telling myself that because doubt has a tricky way of easing in and making a home in your mind and heart. I decided to do a tarot reading for myself. As I am new to the tarot world, I keep my readings extremely simple. I went with the "Yoni Spread". The bottom card is "the situation as it really exists, beyond appearances". The top left card is "The course of action that the Spirit suggests". The top right card is "Outcome".

I can say that I felt relieved when my cards were revealed. Sometimes the cards that are picked are a bit daunting leaving you with an assignment of change, but these all flowed with each other.

This is my spread.

   My situation now:

   6 of Wind


Mercury in Aquarius

The magnificent Wind Goddess of Intention brings what she desires into her world with ease. Her clarity and focus of intent come naturally as she is internally connected to Spirit.

She navigates the deepest levels of mind through meditation, introspection, and the dreamtime to identify what her being requires and then calls it to her. Her mind holds the intent of her soul's desire so that the Source has a clear picture of what to deliver.

You must know your dreams and desires and let them fuel your intentions, that you honestly communicate with the heavens and they sing back in response. The very power of your intention lights the path from your being to the Creative Force, by which your dreams may manifest and come home to you.

My course of action:

   Ace of Earth


This magnificent Earth Goddess brings full manifestation of all things in the physical world. She is the harvest, fruition and wealth, the breakthrough of heavenly riches into the world of form.

Aglow with the light of beauty and abundance on Earth, she brings fortune, bounty, health and the potential realization of dreams and intent. She is the Crown of Creation, bringing the substance of life into the Earth.

When this Goddess of Manifestation appears, her blessing are soon to follow. Prepare the way for prosperity to come to you in all ways possible. Inheritance, relationship, beneficial career change, good health news, property, gifts, and raise in income are just a few of he avenues she manifests through. Take advantage of all opportunities presented to you and open to her blessings. She brings the prosperous rewards you have been asking for!

My outcome:




Brigid, the Great Mother Goddess of Ireland, is the Celtic Goddess of Fire. She brings healing, inspiration and divination, the powerful alchemy that is the dynamic combination of forces. Poetry, music, art and metal smithing are her gifts to the world. She is the Goddess is herbal healing, born with a flame ascending from her head, eternally connected to the Universe. She is the Divine Creative Spark, the perfect synergy and alchemy of ideas and forces that coalesce into art and beauty.

Brigid is cloaked in her power, standing over a boiling cauldron of creativity, generating fertility and a new life. She brings the Sagittarius fire of insight and regeneration, in communication with the Spirit World. Through her hands the beauty of artistic creation comes to Eartg, in blessing and wisdom.

Brigid inspires you to find your own divine, creative spark of inspiration, and let it blend in alchemy with the Creative Force to manifest the power of beauty in your world. She assures the success of your creative attempts, inspiring you to succeed as the artist you truly are. Seeing all of this almost brought me to tears. It just confirmed that everything is going to be alright and it will be what it needs to be. No need for me to worry about my future because a successful future is already guaranteed.