Living Spiritually

Daily Tarot 8.1.15


This morning when I woke up I had a strong urge to do a tarot reading for myself after last night. My crystals were also fully charged and ready to work! My card for the day was Uzume.

   0 - The Fool


Air 💨

Uzume is the whirling Japanese Goddess who lured the Sun goddess, Amaterasu, from her dark cave. Her wild, bawdy dancing made Gods and Goddesses laugh in hysterical delight, piquing Amasterasu's curiosity and drawing her out of hiding.

The Goddess Uzume dances to the whirling cosmos, without regard to the rules and restrictions of the physical world. Like the air element she represents, she has no agenda and no baggage. Uzume draws forth the child-like innocence in everyone she meets. She is the essence of Spirit. She embodies nonconformity and the transcendence of the earthly realm. Uzume is the archetypal Wild Woman. She makes merry mockery of all things sacred and profane. She is pure guileless was in her irreverence.

Uzume as the Fool reminds you to be free in your expression and the way you view the world. She calls to your Inner Child, to let go of your baggage and schemes, to surrender your grip on the way you function and remember that life is a dance! Be like Uzume and free your inner radiance into expression, by being true to your genuine essence, released from the restricted limitations of your genetics and the world around you.

This card was so fitting! 

I also pulled cards for my friends....each card was in alignment respectively. 

      These two cards literally jumped out the deck when I shuffled them. At first I thought only the card on the left came out, but when I picked it up, the card on the right slipped from behind it.

   Each of our cards had to do with release and letting go of what no longer served us, or any negativity....at least that was one of the few things mentioned. When you ask for signs. You get signs.

Universal energy doesn't lie.