Living Spiritually

Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck


So although I am new to the tarot game, I have been working with this tarot deck for quite some time and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  If you know me I am all for women empowerment and anything goddess related so when I found out about this deck, I had to get it! The illustrations are what got me hooked. The cover art was just amazing...a beautiful depiction of the goddess Isis from Kemet.

As I started making spreads for myself and friends I began to warm up with the deck. What I do now, mostly, is breathe, ask the Universe for a sign/message and proceed to pick just one card for the day that will be my messenger. I kid oh not, every card I have ever pulled has been in direct correlation with my life at the moment. At first it was crazy and I would shed tears for happiness and gratitude, but now it's just affirmations of what I felt in my heart.

So here's how I get my read. I shuffle the cards three times (like a regular deck of cards, break the deck in two then fold each half in each other) then I do that old man shuffle (I don't know how else to describe it!) where you hold the deck in my left hand hand, pull a chunk out from the bottom with my right hand & place that on top. I keep doing that until most of the cards are in my left hand & repeat that three times. Next, I lay the cards out in a triangle in a clock-wise motion [top ->bottom right -> bottom left] like so.

   After that I restack the cards in the same motion.

      Once all the cards are in one pile again, I flip over the top card and that is my messenger.

   This is today's card.

3 of Earth


Mars in Capricorn

A woman dances in balance and beauty, all aspects of her being united and focused. Her thoughts, feelings and movements are in dynamic equilibrium, a force to be reckoned with. She is the complete SACRED CIRCUIT of heart, mind, and physical body.

Her grace and strength exemplify the ease of carrying power in the world and doing the works she came here to do with influence.*******

The lady of works dances into your cards to reflect your unified strength of expression: the hard word you have done on all levels is making an impact. The triad aspects of your being - mental, emotional and physical - are balanced and powerful. Your works on Earth are making a difference. Let this image help to keep you on a unified track as you continue moving ahead to your goals.

See what I mean! Messages all in divine timing. All in alignment.