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Crystal Healers


So a lot of people ask me about crystals and how they work, especially for me. I remember when I was younger I was always interested in rocks and such....I even had a rock collection. Who knew that that innate gravitation would lead to this?

In my spiritual journey I began to discover the true power of healing crystals and stones. They are these majestic little clusters of energy given to us by the universe to help us. It is really unfortunate that many people have yet to utilize these sacred tools.

   So pretty much crystals are made from different minerals in the earth and carry different healing properties, energies & vibrations. The colors of the crystals can be especially be helpful with the corresponding chakras (red stones for your root chakra, orange for sacral chakra, etc). You can either use them by holding them in your hand or placing them on the corresponding chakra (while you lay down) & meditate or you can carry them in a small pouch with you as you're out and about during the day. I do the latter most frequently.

When you get your stones make sure to cleanse them especially if you get them from a person or store you're not familiar with. These stones carry energy (except for citrine) & you don't want to absorb someone else's negative energy. To cleanse them, you can do a number of things. I usually smudge them by (passing them through sage smoke which I will focus at a lter date). You can also soak them in sea salt or run them under running water pointing down. I know there are a few more ways, but I haven't tried them yet. All of this information can be accessed through numerous websites online.

Once you're done cleansing/clearing you can charge them by either putting them out in the sun or setting them out during the full moon. Some stones charge better with the sun or the moon (stones associated with the lower 3-4 chakras are better in the sun & the stones associated with the higher 3-4 chakras are better in the moon). Either way, they will still get charged. I have also heard that some people bury them in soil to absorb the earths energy, but I haven't done too much research on that.

& before you use any healing stones or crystals you can set their intention by assigning one to them, pretty much telling them their purpose as to why you will be using them. They are very good listeners and obedient little things.

When purchasing crystals in person, select the stone that "speaks to you". Have the person that works there lay them out & hover your hand over the crystals, pick them up & if you feel something, that's the stone for you, at least that's how I do it. I have ordered stones online, but only from @thehoodwitch because she is one of the few people I trust that I have never met in person.

If you have any experiences with stones or how to cleanse/charge/use them, please let me know.

I have a pretty decent crystal collection that is still growing and I will be posting more of my individual experiences with healing stones as I work with them.

Om Swasti Astu.