Living Spiritually



Have you ever got so caught up in life that you literally forget to breathe, or at least consciously breathe? I know it happens to me more than once every week….sometimes every day. I get so preoccupied on what I need to do to get my life together that I forget to pay attention to what is truly important and that is the state I am in NOW. So often we forget about the NOW. We don’t allow ourselves to just BE. Be PRESENT. Be HERE. Be in the current moment.

My body and mind naturally shuts down when it is overworked so I learned to pay attention to “hey I’m about to crash and burn” signs closely. When I feel like I’m getting to that point, I know it is time for me to slow down and pay attention to myself. I go back to my introverted ways and take the time to reflect, introspect and most important I MEDITATE and consciously breathe (usually with the help of my beloved crystals).

Consciously breathing has become vital to my mental sanity. Learning to control my breathing has virtually stopped my anxiety attacks, it has shortened my depression when those bouts come along.

Consciously breathing reminds my spirit that I am still HERE and I am still alive. I have diffused so much negative energy by just breathing. I have avoided unnecessary situations by just breathing. Have you ever been mad, sad, or upset and whomever is next to you says, “just breathe”. It is simple advice that many people don’t realize is very helpful and extremely effective.

I know as an empath I am constantly sighing and exhaling a lot. I feel as though my body needs to get rid of all of the extra energy I feel. Learning how to control the exchange of the vitality of the breath is something I have yet to master.

So I say to you, pay more attention to how you are breathing. How long are your inhales and exhales? When does your breathing go off? Try to control your breathing in a not so pleasant situation and see if the outcome is different.

Everything will be alright.