Living Spiritually

Healing Through Sound


Healing through sound has been a great help to me. Using instruments and producing sound myself has been something that is innate to me since I was young. I noticed that when I'm upset or stressed I make these really low moan/humming noises. As I got older I gained more access to more healing sounds. I was introduced to the world of chanting, live drums, singing bowls, and tuning forks to name a few.

Sound can directly affect your own vibrations. Have you ever been happy, heard a low vibrational song & immediately wanted to change it? Why.....because you know that that would "kill your vibe". Same holds true for listening to an upbeat song when you're upset, that can lift your spirits. When I can physically feel a vibration, I find that that helps my healing process.

I have been using singing bowls for a few months and I notice that within a few seconds I feel calmer. A few people have a hard time playing the singing bowls, but the trick is to be patient while also applying the right amount of pressure to the bowl. Also, when my vibrations are naturally high, I can hear the same sound of my bowl without even playing it (some say that the high pitch/frequency is your higher self/a higher being/your spirit guides contacting or communicating with you). Singing bowls have been used in sound baths which can greatly benefit your spiritual being.

Tuning forks are tools that I just began using this year which also have an immediate calming effect. I have three different forks that all play a different pitch which help realign your own vibrations. All you do is strike the fork and place it over the area of your body that needs realignment. I usually keep the forks near my last three chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) because I feel like with my anxiety, those are the chakras that get messed up the most. As I use them more I will definitely update you as to different techniques that worked for me.